August 2015 1Up Box Review


1Up Box
The Breakdown:
Cost: $20.62/month (includes shipping + CA tax)
Geek & Gamer Gear
Ships via USPS


First look!


I was intrigued by the August 1Up Box because the theme was “Combat” and 1Up Box promises a t-shirt each month. Plus, for the month of August, they promised a collectible Funko item so I definitely had to give them a try.


Combat PandaPool Patch – This is an item exclusive to 1Up Box. It’s cute? Kind of. I honestly don’t have any use for this because I wouldn’t iron it onto my laptop bag and I’m no longer in middle school so I’m definitely not ironing this onto a Jansport backpack. :p


Combat Sticker – This I like! Stickers are way more fun than iron-on patches in my opinion because they stick to more surfaces. :p Plus I love the design and the silhouettes of these iconic characters (ex. Pikachu! Yoshi! Kirby! Charizard! etc etc).


Catch-Them-All-Sweatband – I loved Pokemon as a kid; I played all of the versions on the Gameboy, I watched the Saturday morning cartoons, I collected the cards, and I bought Pokemon plushies. XD Sweatbands are great and I definitely don’t mind getting a new one to sweat all over (LOL), especially one like a pokeball.


Dragon Stress Ball – Also exclusive to this box. It’s a stress ball… which means I’m not all that impressed. Also I never got into Dragon Ball Z so this one’s kind of a lame inclusion for me. Maybe I would have liked this better if it were a Pikachu stress ball.


Funko Wolverine Dorbz Vinyl Figure – THIS IS ADORABLE. Look at this mini Wolverine! I love it. I kind of want to collect all of my favorite characters in these forms. XD SERIOUSLY THOUGH, HOW CUTE IS THIS?? I thought I really liked Funko Pop Figures, but I think now I want more Funko Dorbz.


Link vs. Ink T-Shirt – This is the last exclusive item in the box… and it’s a good one! I quite like the texture and softness of the fabric on this t-shirt; some of the t-shirts sent out by geek/gamer boxes are really terrible – the cotton never softens, no matter how much you try to soften it. XD Also I like the color of the t-shirt (because we’ve all received a crazy t-shirt color at least once). It’s just too bad I never got into Link or… the giant squid? XD


Your average collar.


The August 2015 1Up Box

Overall enjoyment: I thought this was a good collection of items… mostly. I didn’t really enjoy the filler items but the Funko Dorbz and the t-shirt more than makes the value of the box, so… not bad. 😀 One thing to note – you do have to email in to cancel your subscription, but their CS is awesome and super speedy! I’ll probably keep an eye out on the spoilers for the upcoming months so I can see if I want to resubscribe.



  1. The curse of the filler! Yes, it’s terrible that you weren’t into Legend of Zelda. Luckily for you, they’re remaking it so you will have the opportunity… 😀

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