Stitch Fix Review


Stitch Fix
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $20 styling fee/fix | 5 items | Clothing
Ships via USPS | Ships to the US


What is Stitch Fix? Stitch Fix is a monthly styling service that will send you five different pieces of clothing based on your profile selected especially for you by your personal stylist! You have to pay a $20 styling fee upfront, but you get to apply that $20 toward any piece you decide to keep.

It’s a little different from Golden Tote in the following ways:

  1. You don’t get to pick any of the pieces – every “fix” is a blind surprise.
  2. You get to keep exactly what you want and send the rest back. With GT, it’s all or nothing, which kind of sucks sometimes when you really love 1-2 pieces, but hate the rest. But with SF, you don’t need to worry about that because you keep what you want.
  3. It is more expensive. The pieces included in SF are, on average, more expensive than GT. But the cool thing is… not only do you get to apply your $20 styling fee to any item, if you decide to keep all of the items in your fix, you get a 25% discount on top of it all!
  4. You only have 3 business days to decide what you want to keep/send back.
  5. And… the styles really vary from person to person so you could receive anything! Of course you could always try requesting something. 🙂

Oops, okay so I guess I don’t have a photo of the invoice that contains the prices of each item… and unfortunately, at this time, Stitch Fix does not allow for you to see what you have previously received. So I do not have the prices for each item. 😦 I do remember the items ranged anywhere from $58-$78 (IIRC) and that the cardigan was the most expensive item. BUT! I did take a photo of the styling card + the note my stylist left me. 😀


Morenna Fit and Flare Dress by Papermoon – Not going to waste any time here, I’m just going to start off with the item that I loved the most and ended up keeping! When I peeked in to see the different colors/patterns in my box, I immediately zeroed in on this and OMG IT IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. I love the fit, the color, the pattern, EVERYTHING. I love v-necks too. XD This was something I totally would have picked out for myself and I’m so glad that my super awesome stylist, Layla, picked this out for me and included it in my fix. It’s super work appropriate and also great for dinner/more conservative nights out. 😉


Close-up of the pattern (slightly out of focus…)


The back!


Aprilla A-Line Dress by Papermoon – I love A-line dresses and empire waist dresses because of how they fit on me! But unfortunately this dress was too loose of a fit for me to keep. Also the cut of the dress near the arms was a little weird on my body so I didn’t like that part either. But I feel like this would the closest kind of white dress i’d ever really want to wear and I do believe that this would be a perfect Sunday brunch kind of dress. I’m not even a huge fan of lace/embroidery and I think this is gorgeous.


Beautiful detailing.


Gold zipper in the back!


Malta Open Cardigan by Market & Spruce – Oh my god, this was so soft, so warm, and so beautiful. I love the colors and the pattern contrast… but it was just too warm for me here in California so I had to return it. Also, I had just recently bought the Apple Picking Cardigan from GT so I couldn’t justify keeping another buiky cardigan. XD But seriously… if I lived in a colder climate and if I hadn’t just acquired a somewhat similar cardigan, I would have been ALL OVER THIS.


I really wish I could have justified keeping this!


Walltie Back Lace Panel Blouse by Daniel Rainn – My initial reaction was what the heck is this? (lol)  But then I looked at it and I tried it on and looked at it again and I really, really ended up loving the colors/pattern. I don’t know how Layla did it, but this one also fit perfectly – the arms were’t too tight and the fabric was flowing perfectly, the blouse itself wasn’t tight in the chest nor was it too sheer and the length and everything was just so perfect. HOWEVER… when I looked at the price, I couldn’t really bring myself to keep it. 😦 Especially since I knew I wouldn’t reach for it as often as I normally would with other, more conservative pieces. I’m really sad to have given this one up.




The back!  Look at that black lace panel!


Esten Button-Up Sleeveless Blouse b Collective Concepts – Oh man, this is actually right up my wheelhouse. I love dark blue, I love sleeveless blouses, and I absolutely LOVE these kinds of collars. But the problem is that I already have too many tops like this one that I once again couldn’t justify keeping it after looking at the cost. XD


I really love these kinds of collars. *____*

DSC_1030The back!

Overall enjoyment: I have to say that I absolutely loved the items my Stitch Fix stylist picked out for me! I honestly really liked each piece, with the Aprilla A-Line Dress by Papermoon as my least favorite. Various reasons held me back from keeping all of them, but the biggest reason was cost. I didn’t feel comfortable paying that much for each item and when I looked at the total price (with the styling fee applied and the 25% discount applied), it was still too much for me.

Maybe I’m just cheap? In your survey you can actually choose the range of how much you want your pieces to cost so that you would only receive items that wouldn’t go over a certain dollar threshold. Here’s how I filled mine out:


Obviously the bigger your range, the more items your stylist can choose from for you based on your profile as they wouldn’t be restricted by cost. But honestly, I don’t spend a lot on my every day clothes so maybe I should have gone with “the cheaper the better” option for every category. XD

Anyway… so after you decide what you want to keep/send back, you use the USPS priority mail package bag that they have already so thoughtfully included for you (postage is already paid!) and put in everything that you don’t want and just drop it off at a post office. It was relatively painless and pretty easy to accomplish. And then whatever you want to keep, you have to go onto Stitch Fix‘s website to “check out”. Here’s what my checkout looked like:


So, with the addition of tax and the deduction of the styling fee… I paid $53.10 for one dress. For a dress like that, I think that ~$50 is pretty reasonable, but I don’t see myself doing this as often as I’d like to because I like bargains and I think it’s harder to reason out a bargain here. However, I think that Stitch Fix would be amazing for when you need to find that one beautiful piece for something special because you can really change up your profile to fit your needs and your stylist will respond to those changes appropriately. Whereas Golden Tote is more limited in their surprise items/fixed items.

I think Golden Tote and Stitch Fix both have their redeeming qualities… and for me, I will use Golden Tote for more every day pieces and Stitch Fix for more special occasions, due to their pricing and the variety of items available to each service.


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