September 2015 Love With Food Tasting Box Review


Love With Food
The Breakdown:
Cost: The Cost: $9.99/month OR $19.95/month | 8+ samples
Organic, natural, and GMO-free snacks!
Ships via DHL Global Mail | Ships to the US


I don’t know why I’m so behind on reviews – I think I’m just lazy now. XD (that and I’m busy with work + fall shows are coming back so my evenings after work = vegging out and watching TV).


Cheddar N’ Stuff Super Crackers by Funley’s Delicious – I LOVE THESE! They taste like cheesy vegetables crackers! I can’t believe they put broccoli in them, haha, but since I have nothing against broccoli (and also because I really can’t taste the broccoli at all), I don’t mind. I just think these are better than Cheez-Its. (and I love Cheez-Its!). They’re also better than goldfish crackers… actually they taste a lot like goldfish crackers. There’s a little drawing printed onto each cracker – a woman, a man, and a dog. XD The woman is MIllie, the baker, the man is Moe, the taster, and the dog is Lucy (or so says the back of the package). Seriously so good… and the best part is that while each package is only 100 calories, you really do feel satisfied afterward! Great snack.


Gluten Free Original Mini Pretzel Crisps by Snack Factory – I wasn’t sure what to make of gluten free pretzels but these are amazing! I think I actually like them more than normal pretzels. They have an interesting aftertaste that I strangely enjoy. I actually want to track these down and buy another bag!


Sea Salt Caramel Apple Granola by Bear Naked – I love everything about this but the granola, haha. The dry apple slices are awesome and the sea salt caramel is like toffee! Sadly, the granola is too salty and flavorless for my tastes. It feels like I’m just eating dry oats with salt.


Cookie Thins by Mrs. Thinster’s in Chocolate Chip – Man, I was so disappointed when I opened my Love With Food box and saw that I had received chocolate chip. 😦 I really wanted to try the cake batter. But these are good – thin, crunchy, packed with chocolate chips. They definitely hit that “chocolate chip cookie” fix need. XD So if you love crunchy cookies, these are definitely for you.


Snapea Crisps by Harvest Snaps – These keep popping up in the different subscription boxes and I keep eating them. XD They’re not really that great, but… they’re also not that bad. I just wish that subscription boxes would stop sending them out because I’d like to try new savory items.


Adult Complete Vitamin Pack by Smartypants – This month’s theme is Smarty Pants, so of course these gummy vitamins by Smartypants was an obligatory inclusion. :p I’ve had these before because I’ve received them in my Birchbox! They are as delicious as vitamin gummies go and they were the first things I ate after I took all of the photos.


Mini Peanut Butter Clutter by Jimmybar – I’m really over dates in these “healthy” bars because they end up being the only thing I taste. 😦


Fruit Snacks by YumEarth Organics – These were fantastic as well! Full of flavor and soft. SO GOOD. I really loved that they had banana as a flavor – it’s so underrated! I feel like YumEarth really makes the best organic candy.


Overall enjoyment: A pretty solid box! I really loved the savory items this month (well, last month) and the majority of the sweet items were great too. I really have to be on the look-out for those gluten-free mini pretzel crisps because I want more! XD And those super crackers too – gotta get my broccoli intake up somehow. :p



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