October 2015 Golden Tote Review


Golden Tote
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $49/month (2-3 items) or $149/month (5-7 items)
Clothes! Dresses, tops, jackets, cardigans, sweaters, and more.
Ships via USPS or FedEx | Ships to the US


Chosen #1 – Pining for Plaid Shirt in the Green Multi: can you believe that this is the first plaid clothing item I’ve ever owned? (the only exception is that plaid scarf Popsugar sent out a couple months ago in their subscription box, but I digress). This is SUPER comfortable and really soft because it’s rayon and not cotton.


The back.


And the cute pocket!


Chosen #2 – Relaxed Jersey Pant in stripes: It’s also really soft and comfortable (I tend to go for soft/comfortable items in the fall and winter!) so I’m really happy.


Detail of the waistband.


The back.


Surprise #1 – Miracle City open Weave Sweater – I kind of like this one? I’m still on the fence because the open weave isn’t something I normally like but this is very comfortable and definitely work appropriate for me.


The open weave (And that silver thing is the tag).


From the back.


Surprise #2 – Roly Poly Striped Sweater with Suede Elbow Patches: This one is definitely too boxy on me! And I’m not a fan of boxy fits. XD But I would have otherwise really enjoyed this top because ELBOW PATCHES!


Look at that suede!


From the back.


Surprise #3 – Catwalk Chunky Knit Cardigan in Black: Definitely a keeper and perfect for the upcoming fall/winter! This one is also really comfortable, which is awesome for me. 😀 It’ll go well with basically anything because it’s black and a knit cardigan. I can’t wait to wear this to work, hehe.


The knit.


The back.


Surprise #4 – Lani Mineral Washed Maxi Dress: This. Is. Crazy. Soft! I said that I liked empire waist dresses in my profile this time around to see if I could get a cool dress and stylist SIS definitely delivered! I love the color of this maxi and even though it is a little long for me (I’m just 5’3″), that’s easily fixed. I cannot say enough good things about this maxi dress!




And the back!


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