Nina Garcia Quarterly #NGQ06 Review


Nina Garcia Quarterly
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $100/quarter
Home, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle items.
Ships via FedEx | Ships to everywhere!


So… this was a box filled with… huge disappointment. I’m not even kidding. You thought the NGQ04 box was bad? Well, with Quarterly, disappointment knows no bounds! In fact, I’d much rather have the NGQ04 box back than this one and I really was not a fan of that particular box. I was suckered into NGQ06 because the theme was “travel” and it was supposed to include “Nina’s favorite on-the-go beauty products, along with a few tech gadgets she cannot live with”.

Yeah, right… okay, sure.

Anyway, here goes…


Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit ($16) – Well, this isn’t a terrible way to start it off, but it’s really not something I’d want to receive in a $100 box from Nina Garcia. This isn’t anything fun and it certainly isn’t anything special. I’ve seen this before in other boxes and the contents, while handy if you’re in a pinch, really are not items I don’t already have in my bags/purses. I really can’t see Nina carrying this around with her. And honestly, most of these things can be found in business class/first class complimentary dopp kits anyway. Lame. You can buy this at Sephora, Birchbox, Amazon, etc. etc. etc… nothing special. Nothing special, at all.


Here’s what this “minimergency” pack includes.


A cute reindeer.


A box within a box!


Weleda’s Skin Food, 1.0 fl oz ($12.50) – This isn’t the worst inclusion, I guess. I’m always up to try a new moisturizer or lotion but this is something you can buy at Target. I’m not saying that things you can buy at Target are bad or cheap (I love shopping at Target – $1 spot, anyone??), but it doesn’t feel like something luxe. And if I’m paying $100 for this box, I don’t want to receive something that I can easily buy myself at a local store. This leaves much to be desired.


This is just…


Flight 001 Luggage Tag ($7) – I laughed when I pulled this out. Sure, a luggage tag fits the travel theme, but this? THIS??? Are you serious? I really don’t know what to say about this other than the fact that I’m not going to use this. Flight 001 makes some pretty cool products but this luggage tag is not Nina Garcia. If anything, I’d expect something more along the lines of this kind of a luggage tag. At least give us something that isn’t rubber for God’s sake.


The back. I could have bought a better luggage tag for cheaper elsewhere. This looks like something you pull out of the bargain bin. Heck, I’m sure my company could have given us better luggage tags as “company swag” for free.


Jane Iredale’s Compact of Blotting Papers ($11) – This is probably something I would expect her to actually use. Blotting papers are handy during travel and this is a slim, pretty compact that would be great for carry on.


100 sheets. Not bad.


Emi Jay Hair Ties Classic 5 Pack ($11) – I actually love these hair ties and I use them but again, this is a normal, every day item. This is something I can easily buy for myself (and have). This is not something that I want to receive in my subscription box that cost $100.


The back.


X-Ray Passport Cover from Flight001 ($10) – Well, this is just as cheap and lame as the luggage tag. I would never put my passport in something like this. Just… why? Really, why. Someone please, help me understand. This is something you would get as a cheap game prize in elementary school. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen something like this at the Dollar Tree before. Couldn’t Nina Garcia have picked out something classier?

Popsugar Must Have’s Limited Edition Resort box had a much better passport holder by Sloane Stationery. And the price point of that box? Also $100. They managed to do something much more with a similar theme. This box? Nope. Not even close.


The back.


Flight 001 Wake Me For Champagne Eye Mask ($16) – I’m sorry, but WTF is this? Nina Garcia uses this? Really? This is something that she would actually use when eye masks that are pretty much the same quality are included in the complimentary dopp kits on first class/business class? REALLY? This is gimmicky and childish. This is ugly. This is not at all what I would expect.

If she was dead set on Flight 001 products, couldn’t she have included something of better quality like this? And Quarterly, WTH? I’ve seen better eye masks sent out in Quarterly boxes, like Arianna Huffington’s first ever box – it included one from Perpetual Shade that was 100 times classier and much more gorgeous.


Charging Clutchette From Chic Buds in Coral ($49.99) – This was the only spoiler they released and how incredibly sad is it that this is the highest value item in the box? So freaking sad. I don’t particularly like this color, but at least the construction of this clutchette is nice and I think I might give it to my mom for Christmas because it’s actually something I can gift in this box without looking like I went bargain shopping. She’s more into warm tones and pinks/corals than I am. Plus it’ll come in handy when we travel this December.


The inside of the clutchette.


Baggu Duck Bag in Leopard ($26) – How ironic is it that I received the one pattern/color I did not want? Of course it would work out that way. OF COURSE. When I first saw spoilers for this box, the person who got their box first said that she received the indigo/navy blue one and I was like, okay awesome, I love blue and so that would work out. But when I opened my box and saw that I got this? More disappointment.


One Year Subscription to Shoebox Pro ($0) – I’m not going to count this toward the value of the box. This is just a photo sharing app and I’m really not interested in it. But the Shoebox Pro does cost $5/month, so that would be $60 for the year.


Overall value: $159.49

Overall enjoyment: I hated this box. This was a $100 box? GTFO. I’m angry and disappointed and frustrated. This is not up to any standard. The value of the box is shit. The majority of the items in this box is shit. The Flight 001 items are highly overpriced for what they are and their quality (sorry Flight 001) and the same goes for the hair ties (Pinterest and Youtube and blogs will teach you how to make very similar ones for next to nothing). I cannot believe that Nina Garcia curated this. I really cannot believe it. And I honestly think that I would have better spent that $100 by donating it to a charity than buying this box. I thought that NGQ04 was disappointing, but I clearly didn’t know that the worst was yet to come with NGQ06.

If you have $100 to spend, you’d be better off taking your money to Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style or waiting for a Popsugar Limited Edition box. Hell, you’d probably be better off spending that $100 on a lot of other subscription boxes that add up to $100 in cost. Just… anything but Quarterly. This is the worst box I have ever received, bar none.


^ In case you wanted a quick run-down of my thoughts on this box.



  1. Omg, I laughed so hard reading this that my husband asked what was wrong with me. *wipes tears* I also got the horrible leopard print that is the last pattern I would ever want. I think it’ll be easy to swap, though. And yes, all that horrible, tacky flight 001 stuff? I’m not a fashion guru and there’s no way in hell I’d be caught with ANY of that stuff. Just… ugh.
    And yeah, you have a good point about the airline dopp kits! But now you know why they changed their returns policy. I unsubbed from this and Rosario.

    1. Hahaha. XD I guess this review is kind of funny is you read it out loud. I like going with humorous rage to “soften the blow” when I’m about to go off on something. But siiiiiigh, that leopard print. The thing is – I’m sure there are people who CAN pull it off flawlessly, but unfortunately I’m not one of those lucky few. XD Give me a plain, single color bag any day. The minimergency kit is cute, but ultimately useless because I’m usually close enough to home or work that I’ll have access to basically everything in that mini bag anyway. XD Plus the funniest thing that someone pointed out to me yesterday on Instagram was that Popsugar actually sent out the minimergency kits in their December 2012 box. 2012!!! This Nina Garcia box is 3 years behind the times… and I thought I was subscribing to a fashion forward, cutting edge trend kind of box. Oops, buyer beware. UGH. This box. So lame. So, so lame. I don’t think anyone would believe that it was worth $100 if you presented the contents to them. I think I’m never going to subscribe to another Quarterly box ever again. This was definitely the last straw.

  2. Were you subscribed when Nina Garcia sent out tiny rubber shoes as “desk ornaments?” I’m a subscription box blogger too and i finally gave up after I paid $100 for a bunch of hair masks, half of which I could get at CVS. This sub went downhill so fast. Rachel Zoe is so much better. I don’t think Nina’s even trying to compete anymore.

    1. I was! And I actually liked that box because while the rubber shoes were kind of a dud, the RV in the rest of the box made up for it. XD I skipped the hair care box because I knew I wouldn’t be interested in an entire box full of hair care… The clutchette was enough to lure me back in but I should have known better. 😦 Rachel Zoe is definitely on another level and each RZ box has been AMAZING. Hopefully RZ will continue to be as quality as it as been. 😀 As for NG? I’ve given up completely on it.

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