Deux Lux Mystery Box Review #2


Deux Lux Mystery Box
Cost: $50 (free UPS shipping!)
“It’s that time again! Instead of having a sample sale, we are cleaning out our showroom and having an exclusive mystery box! Each mystery box will contain our selection of 3 samples for each unique box.”


Downtown Wallet in Black (MSRP $58 –> On sale for $18): This is a wallet I might have picked up for myself because I love black wallets and I love simple, minimalistic designs. It is a bit heavier than I like my wallets, but it’s very sturdy so you wouldn’t have to worry about throwing it into your bag.


The inside.


Elle Drawstring in Black (MSRP $80 –> sold out, but was on sale for $58 before selling out): OMG YES. YESSSSS. Out of all the items I received this time around, I love this one the most. The colors are my favorites – black and blue – and the length/size of the bag is perfect for me.


The inside. There are no pockets.


The side with those gold chain details.


Anguilla Backpack in Green (MSRP $105 –> On sale for $31.50): I like the color and the pattern but I’m not sure how much I’ll actually use this one because my backpack days are long over. I’ve traded them in for messenger bags and purses. XD The faux leather (?) is buttery soft though! And this would definitely complete an outfit if you’re much more fashionable than I.


The back.


The inside is beautifully lined and comes with a zippered pocket.


My Deux Lux Mystery Box!

Overall value: $243.00 MSRP / $107.50 sale prices

Overall enjoyment: I think this was so much better than my last Deux Lux Mystery box! (review here) I am so in love with the Elle Drawstring bag and that seriously made this entire mystery box for me. The wallet is a style I totally would have chosen for myself, but since I’m currently really happy with my Calvin Klein wallet, I’ll save this one for later. The backpack is gorgeous with its print but realistically, I don’t know how much I’ll use it. XD Otherwise, this was a good one! Oh and everything came with its own dust bag so you can protect your items.


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