Second October and November 2015 Golden Tote Review


Golden Tote
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $49/month (2-3 items) or $149/month (5-7 items)
Clothes! Dresses, tops, jackets, cardigans, sweaters, and more.
Ships via USPS or UPS | Ships to the US

OKAY, so… there were way too many awesome chosen items in October and November, so… I actually ended up getting another October tote along with my November tote. Oops? XD But I seriously loved basically everything in these two totes! My stylist this time around was JK and she totally hit it out of the park. 😀

Starting off with the October tote!


Chosen #1: Puella Pleated Dress in Blue Houndstooth – Oh my god, this dress is PERFECT. When it first came out, I was afraid that it would be a chest crusher because of the measurement given for size small, but then I saw the reveals in this group and hanger pictures and thought… why not give it a try? And boy, I’m so glad I did! It is the perfect work dress. It’s comfortable and sophisticated with its color and pattern and the pleats! I cannot say enough good things about this dress. It’s actually a little bigger than I thought it would be. XD This is a medium and it looks like a large… but honestly, it fits SO NICELY when you put it on.


And the back! This is definitely one of those dresses that you just have to try on to believe how amazing it is.


Chosen #2: Funky Fringe Jacket in Navy – I hemmed and hawed over this one for a while too because I don’t really wear a lot of fringe but… ultimately, I caved. This is also super comfortable and the suede is so soft! (I love soft clothing items so I’m always happy when a chosen or surprise is soft, hehe). The color pairs perfectly with so many items already in my wardrobe and I think I can probably wear it to work on more casual days because of how dark this navy is (which I love!).


Look at all that fringe!


Surprise #1: Fantastic Fawn V-Neck Dotted Sweater – Unfortunately, this one doesn’t fit my body the way I wish it would! I love the colors, the feel, and the overall look of this sweater when it’s on the hanger, but it just looks terrible on me, haha.


I wish this one fit me better because it’s perfect for the winter months!


Surprise #2: Potters Pot Striped Brushed Fabric Swing Dress in Grey – FOR THE WIN! I was hoping that I would receive this in one of my totes because I had serious envy when I saw it in other people’s totes last month. It is everything I wished for – soft, comfortable, and with the perfect amount of swing.


It looks even better belted imo and it’s definitely another work-appropriate dress/casual weekend dinner dress!


Surprise #3: Puella Cardigan in Blue – I shamelessly asked for both Puella surprise items in my notes so I was ecstatic to see this in my tote! It’s a little too thin for the weather right now, but I am definitely breaking this one out in the late spring/early summer.


It looks crooked here because I’m terrible at putting clothes on hangers properly. XD


I love the way it kind of splits on the sides.


Surprise #4: Puella Cross Front mock Turtleneck in Charcoal – YESSSSS. This one is even better than the last one! I was even happier to see that I got not one, but TWO Puella surprises in my tote. This is so comfortable and such an awesome color that I will probably live in it at home and on the weekends haha. The turtleneck keeps my neck warm and the poncho/oversized feel is fantastic!


The back just makes this look a tunic/larger cardigan.

And that’s it for the October tote… onwards to the November tote!


Chosen #1: Star Crossed Dress – Holy crap it took me over thirty minutes to figure out how to put this dress on because it was weirdly inside/out with one of the sleeves and just a hot mess when I took it out of the plastic bag. But it was totally worth all the frustration because it fits so beautifully! I love this color too – it’s perfect for holiday parties if you’re not into sparkles and prefer something a little more reserved.


The back basically looks like the front… and it was seriously so freaking difficult trying to get all this sorted. XD


Chosen #2: Puella Striped Swing Dress – The fabric isn’t as thick as I had thought it would be, but it’s still awesome. I love the deep wine color and the subtleness of the stripes. It is a little long for me because I’m short (5’3″) but with some awesome ankle boots + leggings and a nice overcoat, I think I’ll be good to go on this one


It’s even longer in the back!


Surprise #1: Potters Pot 3/4 Sleeve Top with Pin Stripe Back in Grey – I LOVE THIS ONE. The front is ridiculously soft and I love the “surprise” pattern on the back. This is perfect for fall/winter and definitely something I’m wearing to work! I didn’t use to love 3/4 sleeves until Golden Tote, but now I love them! (in moderation, of course). But seriously, I love this one – it’s a great combination between work/casual.

I love sweater material like this!
The back.  Gotta love those stripes!
Surprise #2: Skies are Blue Blouse with Twist Front Detail in Blue – When I first pulled this out, my immediate thoughts were: this color is amazing and I hope this won’t be too tight in the chest! XD I absolutely love this one too! It’s tight in all the right places and the color is in one of my favorite shades of blue. This is also perfect for work and I love the way the sleeves are pulled back.
Loooooove this.
Surprise #3: Illa Illa Sweater Dress in Green – I was really excited when I saw this because it is a most beautiful muted moss green and it is also ridiculously soft! But best of all, this dress is not only lined but it is also incredibly warm. (it’s kind of cold right now in NorCal but I felt so warm after I tried this one on!) Also perfect for work or a casual weekend dinner.
Seriously this is so warm!


Surprise #4 Fantastic Fawn Tunic with Suede Elbow Patches in Grey – I really wanted to love this (because I love elbow patches and the suede is just so soft) but it just doesn’t fit my body right. frown emoticon


And the back – look at those boss suede elbow patches!

Overall two amazing totes! JK was awesome. I’m just sad that Fantastic Fawn sweater and tunic weren’t for me – otherwise I would have loved everything. XD


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