December 2015 5 Wacky Women Surprise Subscription Box Review


5 Wacky Women 
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $34.95/month + $5 shipping
4 to 6 handpicked, special surprise items
Ships via USPS | Ships to the US


What is 5 Wacky Women?

“The 5 Wacky Women subscription box is for the woman in your life (sister, mother, daughter, aunt, friend, colleague, grandmother, yourself) who perhaps is difficult to shop for  but loves a fun surprise and a good time!”

Personally, I love the name because it’s so attention-grabbing. XD 5 Wacky Women actually has a physical store in Maryland and wanted to share their unique and fun items with the rest of the country so they started their subscription service!

Each box is themed and this month’s theme is all about trying to de-stress during the busy holiday season. (which is most-needed if you’re trying to juggle family, work, vacation, etc.)


Envirosax Reusable Bag in Mai Tai ($10.50) – This can hold up to 20 kg/44 lbs and is perfect to bring along for your Christmas shopping! Because I live in an area of California where you have to pay for bags, I love reusable bags (like Baggu) and this one is awesome! It’s small, light-weight, and you can easily roll it back up into this compact form to throw into your bag.


And did I mention the pattern is gorgeous too? *____* I feel like this is a perfect summer/fall bag. And bright colors definitely also help during the dreary winter. I think I’m going to have to gift this as a stocking stuffer for my mom this Christmas!


My Bar! Sea Salt Splash ($3.50) – “Sea Salt Splash is a rich, creamy 61% dark chocolate with a sprinkling of crispies and a splash of sea salt.” YESSSS. Give me all the chocolate! This one is all miiiiiiiine. Crispies in chocolate = the best. And who can say no to dark chocolate with just a hint (splash) of sea salt?


Juniper Tree Candied Quince Soap ($7.99) – This. Smells. AMAZING.  It’s a glycerin soap made by Juniper Tree, an aromatherapy, soap making, candle making, and do it yourself body product supplies store in Berkeley, CA. It smells like sugar and fruit and the decorations are out of this world!


Just look!


I love the layers, almost reminds me of the earth. And if you don’t want to use it (or rather, can’t bear to use it), this is perfect for bathroom decor because it’s decorated with real herbs, flowers, and glitter!


Hydra Shower Burst Aromatherapy in Stress Buster ($5) – Thanks to Fortune Cookie Soap, I know what this is! I’m actually kind of addicted to these because they’re so easy and fun to use. If you’ve never used one of these before, all you have to do is unwrap the foil, place it somewhere in your shower, away from direct spray, and let it do its magic! I can’t really tell what it smells like because mine’s still wrapped and the website was useless at describing the scent, but I can kind of smell ginger and something herbaceous, I think! I’ll be saving this for a cold winter day. 😀


The Mindfulness Coloring Book ($7.63 on Amazon) – How much do I love this? SO MUCH. I’ve always wanted something like this, no joke! The other day I was actually looking into coloring books for adults and this is absolutely perfect. Ugh, I love them for including this as part of their box this month.

“A fun and unique pocket-size coloring book designed to channel stress into relaxing, creative accomplishments.” It’s ideal for taking with you on long trips because it’s so small and can easily fit in your purse/bag!


Look at these beautiful designs. *____*


Every page in this book is a new design that I wish I could draw freehand. XD But seriously, I love this. No other subscription box has sent this out (at least, none that I’ve received/seen) and for me, it’s great/fresh curation.


CraZ Art Colored Pencils, 24 count ($1.97)  – Of course, how can you enjoy a coloring book without some colored pencils? 😀


This takes me back to elementary school! I also used to have this amazing 120-count Crayola crayons box, complete with crayon sharpener, that I loved. XD I might actually still have that somewhere, haha.


Chaplin’s Landing Cosmetic Bag by Spartina 449 ($39) – And last but not least, a free gift just for being a subscriber! (please excuse the weird angle here – the bag kept leaning forward when I was trying to take a photo) I linked to a different website than the actual brand because I believe this might be an old pattern so they’re no longer for sale there.


The back! I love this pattern and the color choices. The trim is leather and the outside is linen, with the signature mermaid logo!


Nylon interior with the brand logo.


The bottom also unzips for a second compartment with elastic bands that will keep brushes and other accessories secure for easy access.


Another view, just because! 🙂 I love this and the color scheme just screams summer/vacation/travel. The handles are comfortable to hold and it’s just adorable to carry around.


Overall value: $75.59

Overall enjoyment: I honestly loved this box – that coloring book really just made it for me because it’s something I’ve been wanting to buy and here it is! The soap smells fantastic and I love that it’s a local shop. 😀 The chocolate, shower steamer, and cosmetic case definitely don’t hurt either. 😉 But what’s also awesome is the reusable tote! I know that my mom is going to love it because it’s a lot softer to the touch than the Baggu bags are. I think they did an amazing job curating around the theme of de-stressing around the holidays and including items that are definitely unique and out-of-the-box. It’s just such a fun subscription to unbox and if you have someone in your life who seemingly has it all, but loves quirky items and is hard to buy for… this might just be a good solution!



*Disclosure: The above item was complimentary and received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. I only review things that are in line with my interests and wouldn’t subject you, my dear readers, to boring products or subscriptions.


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