2015 Popsugar Special Edition Must Have Holiday For Her Review


Popsugar Musthave
The Breakdown:
One-Time Purchase | Cost: $100 + tax
Beauty, Fashion, Food, Home, Fitness, etc.!
Ships via Fedex Smartpost | Ships to the US


This is my first ever Special Edition Popsugar box and I have to say… I was really disappointed when I saw the spoilers. But I thought I’d give them a chance to impress me because sometimes things are better when you have them in hand. So… here goes!


The 2015 Holiday for Her box. (why couldn’t they have included those delicious looking treats in this box???)


Elizabeth Cole Jewelry Adelia Cuff ($167.50) – This is a gold-plated cuff that features Swarovski crystals that was made specifically for Popsugar. (but you can buy the exact same cuff just like this one on their website). I actually quite love this! It’s simple and elegant enough for every day wear, which is what I prefer when it comes to jewelry.


Out of the bag! This was the first and only official spoiler we received.




It sparkles quite nicely when it catches the light just right.


In case you wanted to see it on someone, aka me. :p

The crystals are a dark, stormy grey. It’s slightly adjustable so you can try to make it fit your wrist. I had no issues putting it on!


White + Warren Luxe Knotted Headband ($88) – This was actually the item I was most excited for when I saw the full spoilers. And I was not at all disappointed! This headband is 100% cashmere, which means it’s warm and cozy and soft! *___*


Right out of the bag.


It is so pretty and I love the coloring on this one.




I’ve actually been thinking of buying a headband like this because a lot of beanies/hats look weird on me. XD This fits me perfectly and it’s so awesome that it’s CASHMERE. Seriously, I never knew how expensive cashmere was until I looked into it and wow. But now I have this beautiful piece to add to my wardrobe!


Butter London Lip Service Lippy Liquid Lipstick Collection ($29) – I do love lip products, but I honestly don’t need four. XD And I’ve really started to prefer lip crayons/lip sticks/lip pencils rather than lip stains/lip glosses/liquid lip products.


It comes in: Fruit Cake (limited edition), Pudding (limited edition), Tea with the Queen, and Toff.


This does make quite a nice set, I have to say.




Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion ($39) – I’m… not really excited about this. You would think that I might be, because it’s a skincare/body care product… but it doesn’t get the greatest reviews. The majority finds the lotion to be greasy and “wet” feeling… in other words, it does not absorb well. Which is really gross. Like… really, really gross. Plus, the packaging just doesn’t seem “luxe” or “special” to me. If anything, it looks cheap and tacky.


Estee Lauder Modern Muse LE Rouge Eau de Parfum (?) – No idea how much this would be valued at but it’s a nice, long vial of perfume.


I would have preferred a rollerball or tall spray, but oh well. I don’t really know why they included a perfume in a box like this when perfume is usually negatively received. This scent isn’t anything special to me – it just smells like an old lady perfume that is heavy on roses. I wonder if Estee Lauder paid to have this included?


A box within a box? Always yes!




Nima Oberoi Lunares Orb Candlestick Holders ($69) – I wasn’t super excited when I saw this in the full spoilers, but… these are pretty classy and a nice touch to any home decor  – especially for the holidays. They have some good weight to them and are pretty shiny!


Et Al Designs Dot Candles ($24) – These are some tall candles! My family doesn’t have a tradition or tendency to burn candles at all so I highly doubt these will see much use. But if we ever lose power, I know I’ll have these two to light. XD


A closer look at the glittery dots. These are hand-painted!


And this was included…


A piece of wax. XD


Overall value: $416.50

Overall enjoyment: I have to say I’m disappointed. This is nowhere near the level of amazingness that was their last two Holiday For Her boxes. I did enjoy the cuff, headband, the candle holders, but the rest? I could definitely live without them. And the biggest insult in my opinion is that there was no food item! I was looking forward to see what they would include but…………. nothing. I wish I had waited for the full spoilers before deciding on this box because I wouldn’t have purchased it if I had known what was in here.

That being said… I can’t wait for the Holiday For Him box to arrive! That one is everything this box was not… in other words, FANTASTIC. Look out for a review on that one when I get it. 🙂

Oh and, if this box looked good to you, it’s actually still available for purchase. XD



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