Rachel Zoe Box of Style Winter 2015 Review


The Zoe Report – Box of Style
The Breakdown:
Cost: $100/quarter or $350 for an annual subscription
Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Items
When: Ships in March, July, September, December
Ships via FedEx


I was so excited for this box after the let-down that was the Popsugar for Her Limited Edition box.


So… if you have been a subscriber since the very first Box of Style, then you would have received this in your Winter 2015 box to reward you for your loyalty!


Fancily wrapped, complete with shiny ribbon!


Boulevard Leather Goods Origami Pouch – Here it is! It’s great for travel and it is definitely well-constructed. I actually used this recently on our family trip to Italy and it held my toiletries with no problems at all. It’s very sturdy and the fact that it can fold flat is great for frequent fliers who need extra luggage space! The bag itself is nylon and the “get gorgeous” patch is leather.


Inner pattern. From some of the other reviews, it looks like the inner lining could possibly be different! The other pattern I saw was more of a sailor’s rope kind of pattern.


This was the hero item!


Alexis Bittar Cocktail Ring  ($198) – This is absolutely GORGEOUS. This is an exclusive to Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style and it is amazing. Seriously amazing. It’s adjustable so if you have smaller fingers or larger fingers, this will fit you! (for the most part). The Swarovski crystals are so shiny and the gold is slightly more muted so that you won’t blind anyone at your parties with this piece. XD Depending on how long your fingers are, this ring will take up an entire segment from bone to the first knuckle.


I love it when there’s more than one accessory/jewelry piece in her boxes because they are always on-point.


Lelet NY Swarovski Crystal Hair Pin ($98) – I didn’t think I would like this until I tried it on. The crystals on this piece is even more sparkly! The crescent shape is beautiful and it can be eye-catching without being too much, like a smaller statement piece.




And closer…


Ciate Nail Polish in She’s Eclectic ($15) – You guys know me, I’m not a fan of nail polish, no matter the brand. I will say that I enjoy looking at them though. Some shades are really beautiful. In any case, this was one of three different colors you could have received – the other two were a) shimmery pink with gold and b) a sparkly white and silver glitter.


Personally, I think this is the coolest out of the three. It’s a duo-tone metallic nail polish that morphs between blue and purple. And I swear there’s a hint of red and gold in there too.


Foot Petals Custom Tip Toes ($8) – Rachel Zoe always includes a small styling item that will help make your life easier or more comfortable. I think this one is pretty useful for anyone who wears flats or high heels and walks around a moderate amount. These are supposed to help you keep your feet from sliding forward and it’s supposed to be a Rachel Zoe Box of Style exclusive.


How to use these things. And a quote from Rachel Zoe herself. XD Maybe that’s what makes it exclusive…


Our Heiay Note Card Set (8) in Leopard ($20) – I can always use more note cards! Leopard isn’t really my print, but I don’t mind it if it’s given to me/chosen for me as long as it’s in moderation and I’m not wearing it.


I don’t know why, but my camera refused to capture the gold color of the envelopes! It looks much better in person and you can bet it’ll look special when you use them. 😀


Honest Beauty Truly Kissable Lip Crayon in Mulberry Kiss ($18) – I love lip crayons! They’re so much fun and always so easy to use. Honest Beauty is pretty cool (founded by Jessica Alba!) and they have recently ventured into makeup.


Lots of pigment, super smooth during application, and absolutely gorgeous. (this shade is great for holiday parties and other special events!)


Honest Beauty Refreshingly Clean Makeup Remover Wipes ($10) – I think these will come in handy during my busy season (happening right now, ahhhh) when I’m too lazy to wash my face in the mornings. XD Honestly, I should just throw these in my work bag and bring them along, haha. I do always wash my face at night though, it bothers me if I go to sleep with an unwashed face.


MarulaOil Rare Oil Intensive Mask and Rare Oil Treatment ($45) – I’m always down to try a new hair treatment product! My hair does tend to walk the oily side and most treatments do end up making my hair really oily the second day, but I definitely need them. I tend to get split ends here and there… and my hair sometimes just ends up being unruly. XD I’ll be giving this one a try especially because it gets pretty good reviews, so here’s to hoping that these two treatments will help my hair too!


Overall value: $412.00

Overall enjoyment: I think that RZ always hits it out of the park, no matter the season. She understands what subscribers are looking for in a beauty/fashion box and delivers every single time. I am always impressed by the curation and I always end up finding something new and essential to my life. (as cheesy as that sounds, it’s totally true). Anyway, this review was well over due but because I was traveling over Christmas and New Year, I just totally dropped the ball on posting reviews in December. XD


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