Spring 2016 Fortune Cookie Soap Box Review


Fortune Cookie Soap
The Breakdown:
Quarterly | Cost: $19.99/quarter
8 exclusive FCS bath/body products in adorable mini-sizes
Ships via USPS | Ships Worldwide!


This quarter’s theme was Let It Grow… i.e. The Lorax!


Information card with all of the product and scent descriptions.

Guardian of the Forest Fortune Cookie SoapBouquet of spring flowers topped off with a squeeze of fresh-cut meyer lemons. 
The florals are strong in this one! I barely smell the lemon, except at the end. This is their signature product and really cute to place in your bathroom as decoration if you’re not into bar soap/prefer liquid soap! I smelled this one a little too much and it gave me a headache so if you’re prone to migraines/headaches and are sensitive to scent, you might want to stay away from this one. I would describe this as “allergy season in a fortune cookie”, haha.
Oh Hair Shampoo BarFresh peach nectar and shaved grapefruit, garnished with a sprig of thyme. 
My first impression was negative because it smelled SO STRONG that it gave me a small headache, but then I just kept the plastic open and slowly, the scent diffused into the air and it smells AMAZING. Sweet and citrusy. I would just caution that you don’t stick this thing right up against your nose because it will honestly be too much. Otherwise, I can’t wait to use this! I love FCS shampoo bars and use them pretty much exclusively. This actually reminds me of a kind of Japanese gummy candy, haha.
Unless Pedi BombFresh spring water with just a hint of algae, flowing through hyacinths and water lilies, grounded by dirt and oakmoss, earthy woods & resins.
At first it smelled like Yellow Snow/Fried Pussycat (two other FCS scents from past quarterly boxes), and then it smelled like raisins/dirt. I’m not quite sure what to make of this scent but it’s not my favorite. I think it’s weirdly sweet and sophisticated, but not in a way I enjoy.
In-Organic Shower SteamerFresh squeezed lemons intertwined with hand picked parsley. 
I thought I would hate this because I’m usually not a fan of FCS lemon scents, but the parsley marries nicely with the lemon and I actually find this to be a really great scent for a shower steamer! I don’t think I’d want this as a perfume oil or hand sanitizer because it’s a little harsh, but shower steamer? Yup! It might make for a good personal space (FCS’ version of a room spray) or a linen spray though.

What it looks like on the inside.

Paradise Found Petal Perfume OilDelicate freesia, bruised rose petals, fresh mangos, and strawberries darkened by tonka bean and amber. 
This is a nice floral at first whiff, with a lot of tropical goodness from the mango but the dry down is even more amazing. There’s something really nostalgic about this scent and I don’t know how to describe it, but I know I’ve smelled this somewhere before and I love it. I think this is the perfect balance between florals and fruit, where both are dominant without overpowering the other. This is going to be amazing as a whipped cream!

How beautiful are the flower petals?


Rollerball is the by far the easiest way to apply perfume!

This Thing? OCD Hand Sanitizer Bright orange notes blend perfectly with sweet vanilla, and a hint of citrusy lemon and delicate florals. 
Not a huge fan of this scent because it basically smells like orange and roses. I don’t like orange scents or rose scents in general so this really isn’t for me. XD But neither are crazy overwhelming, so if you love either scent, then you might end up really enjoying this! It’s a very “soft” scent and I think it’s actually better as you keep smelling it. XD It really grows on you and I think I might actually like this scent???

Bright pink! But I believe it also came in a few other colors, though the scent is the same for all colors. 😀

One C Cuticle OilWarm wood swirled with patchouli and topped with a dollop of creamy vanilla. 
This is a new FCS product! 😀 I thought I wouldn’t like this because I hate patchouli, but the vanilla really help offset the harshness of the patchouli, which is more evident after it’s dried. This actually really reminds me of a previous FCS scent but I just can’t place my finger on it… I think it’s kind of like a toned-down version of FCS Cheer and an amped up version of Glitz and Glamour. It also kind of smells like the Peeta steam me up scotty (from THG collection) and I smell London I Smell France…  all of them have similar notes but none of them are quite the same. And you know you’re addicted to FCS when you can name so many scents from their various collections. XD

It comes with a dropper so it’s easier to apply! This absorbs so quickly and I think it’s better than their cuticle butter, which is clunkier and slower to absorb. The cuticle butter is probably better for the winter while the cuticle oil is better for spring/summer.


Disco Tree Whipped CreamBlend of fresh picked berries, lily of the valley, and sandalwood.

This smells really clean to me and almost reminds me of a softer, sweeter version of Sally. The berries and the lily combine perfectly; I swear that this smells like sweet, soft flower petals made of cotton, grounded by the sandalwood. I love this one so much. It’s probably my favorite scent in the entire box! And of course, Fortune Cookie Soap’s whipped cream is my favorite so put together? The best.

No color this time! Just plain white whipped cream. :p


Included in the box were also these little flowers… that have seeds in them! You can actually try planting them to see what kind of flowers you’ll get.


Overall enjoyment: My favorite scents in this box had to be – Disco Tree, Oh Hair, and Paradise Found. The others were just okay in comparison. But I am seriously in love with Disco Tree and I definitely need it in ALL THE THINGS. If you received this box, don’t forget to check your email for the $10 coupon code! And if you’re interested in trying out these scents in full size products, the spring 2015 launch party is on February 19th at 6PM CST!


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