February 2016 Gaia Collective Virgo Moon Box Review


Gaia Collective Virgo Moon Box
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $29.50/month |
A set of curated items & guided ritual for the full moon
Ships via USPS | Ships to US


I love this kind of tissue paper!

What is Gaia Collective’s and what is their Moon Box all about?

“Gaia Collective is a group of artists who believe in spreading positive intention and universal compassion. Each moon cycle, we deliver a MoonBox & host a Moon Event featuring a Full Moon Ritual and Meditation.”

The coolest part is that each box shipped plants 10 trees!


I have to say that Moon Box wins at most creative/cool packing contents! Look at this beautiful moss! Not to mention, it makes for some amazing background in the photos.


A super long and detailed information card on planting your succulent clipping! They were also awesomely considerate and sent a soft copy of this (with even cooler photos) via email to their subscribers. On the back is an 11-step guide to meditation!


Other parts of the information cards so that you really get to know your box’s contents. For an extra $10, you could have also added on a wearable crystal (and ahhh, this month’s was so pretty, I wish I had gotten it!). Here was what this month’s looked like:


SO PRETTY! *___*


Succulent Clipping + Hexagonal Jar – For you to put together your own mini terrarium! This succulent clipping is super cute. I’m not great with plants but I think I can manage this one. 🙂 All you have to do is to take the jar, sprinkle some soil (they recommend cactus soil) at the bottom, and then plant the clipping.

Gaia Collective’s suggestions: “Think about this ritual as the process of bringing something to life. Keep the lid open as the succulent re-roots and you can re-plant it when it grows to big for this small space.”


Mercury-inspired Virgo Moon Oil – Made with lemongrass, rosemary, sweet marjoram, thyme, white spruce, black spruce, spearmint, & peppermint. This is actually a rollerball and a great essential oil blend. I mainly get the lemongrass but the other notes come together beautifully as it dries down.


Purifoy Peridot Gemstone Essence – This peridot gemstone essence helps to “open creative channels and attunes you to your potential, helps you to speak with clarity, fertile energy to birth ideas, projects, dreams or a child, opens your voice, healing  for the 3rd Gate of the Womb/Hara, and raises your vibration.”

In addition, from their information card, this is an energetic remedy and can be taken orally or topically. It’s recommended to use 5 drops in water for either form of intake. To me, it smells a bit like yeast water/alcohol? The ingredients say “activated water, brandy, and peridot vibration”.


Virgo Moon Tea –  Dandelion root, fennel, ginger, hibiscus, holy basil, elderberry, licorice root, & rhodiola root. I love herbal teas so I think this one is going to be amazing!


A bag of crystals!


Labradorite – “Mystic. Magic. Mystery. The stone of the stars. Use to connect with those mysterious realms we all dream of.” It might not look anything extraordinary like this, but…


…if you turn it on its side and the light catches it at just the right moment, you see the hidden hues of blue and purple and even gold!


Seriously you see different colors every time you turn it in your hands.


Peridot – “Enhances connections with friendliness and relationships with compassion. Peridot is a stone of rebirth, renewal, and repair.” A beautiful crystal to carry with you. 🙂


Quartz Point – “Amplifier or all energies. Quartz is the time keeper of the world and healer of our planet. Use this stone to magnify your intentions.” I think I definitely need this one because I need a little more self-control so if this can help me magnify my good intentions, then maybe 2016 will be even more amazing.


This one is probably my favorite. 😀


Overall enjoyment: I really loved the attention to detail in this box! They make sure to explain everything they’ve included, which demonstrates just how much thought went into the curation of the box. In addition to all of the instructions, they also sent out an email with a link to a guided meditation that you can listen to as you use the items in your box!



*Disclosure: The above item was complimentary and received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. I only review things that are in line with my interests and wouldn’t subject you, my dear readers, to boring products or subscriptions.


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