March 2016 Try The World Portugal Box Review + 15% Off Code!


Try The World
The Breakdown:
The Cost: $39/every two months
7-8 Gourmet Products Curated by Celebrity Chefs
Ships via USPS | Ships to the US


How awesome is this? The information card is safely nestled on the lid and the products are even safer in the twine-like packaging.

So what is Try The World?

“Try The World collaborates with notable chefs to curate the selection of products for every box. They make sure that your items are authentic and of the highest possible quality. Each box comes with a Culture Guide that includes the story behind each product, recipes to make with the items, and tips to best experience the country’s culinary culture.”

A gourmet food box of a different country every two months? Yes, please! 😀


The information card is gorgeous! It makes me want to read everything. XD There’s a little blurb about each item included and suggestions on how to use them. The theme this time around is Portugal!

And the celebrity chef is George Mendes, who is known for his “refined take on rustic Portuguese dishes” and he’s a Michelin-star chef! Both of his restaurants, Aldea and Luoplo, are in NYC… which means I really need to go and visit NYC again some day soon. XD


And on the other side there are recipes for some of the items! For example, there is an entire tin of codfish in this box, which might be intimidating to try and incorporate into a meal if you’ve never really used it before, but the recipe they’ve included here is amazing! You take that entire tin of codfish and make it into a codfish-potato ball fritter kind of thing and that sounds really, really good. But if you don’t like potatoes or fried things, they have also included a recipe for codfish toasts!


The map of Portugal here actually shows what region each item comes from.


IT Apple and Cinnamon Black Tea, from Oliveira. 

This infusion is made by blending black tea with leaves, flowers, and fruit grown in the mountains of Serra de Estrela in eastern Portugal. Apple and cinnamon aroma makes this tea a wonderful, cold weather pick-me-up.

The moment you open the package, you’re immediately hit with that rich spiciness of apples and cinnamon… and it smells SO GOOD. Once opened, it is recommended to finish it up within 1 month. If left unopened, it’s good until November 2017!


And it’s beautiful too. 😀

[Recommended use: mix into simple syrup, serve chilled with ice]


Hands on Earth Sea Salt and Lemon from Braga. 

This finishing salt is made free of pesticides and chemicals, and lemon adds a zesty finish to any dish.”

This will be perfect for seasoning fish! And Portugal is definitely known for its fresh seafood so this inclusion makes a lot of sense. The lemon is pretty strong in this because I can actually smell it through the glass without opening the jar. XD

[Recommended use: garnish a dish, mix into butter]


Casa de Prisca Caramelized Onions with Balsamic Reduction and Port wine from Trancoso. 

Casa de Prisca specializes in producing the same culinary specialties that the company’s founders grew up to know and love over four generations ago. This spread is made with port, one of Portugal’s most iconic spirits.”

This. Was. SO. Good. Seriously amazing. I tried this with some crackers and couldn’t stop eating it because it is ridiculously addicting. There’s a perfect balance between the sweetness of the caramelized onions and the balsamic that just explodes with flavor. I cannot recommend this enough.

[Recommended use: serve with cheese, spread onto appetizers]


Briosa Gourmet Codfish in Olive Oilfrom Figueira da Foz. 

Codfish (called bacalhau in its typical, salted form), is one of Portugal’s most iconic foods. Briosa Gourmet wraps their canned codfish in beautiful packaging reminiscent of hydraulic tiles.

I haven’t opened these yet, but I can’t wait to try them! When I do open and try them, I’ll probably taste one without anything, just to be able to get that pure flavor of what the codfish are supposed to taste like. And… if I like it, I’ll probably go with the codfish toast. But if it’s too much for me, I’ll probably go for those fritters. 😉

[Recommended use: cook into fried rice, blend into pesto]


RARE by Quinta de Jugais Pumpkin and Hazelnut Jam, from Serra da Estrela

RARE by Quinta de Jugais crafts premium spreads using traditional Portuguese recipes. One of the most popular fruit preserves in the country, pumpkin jam, is delicious over toast or alongside a selection of hard and pungent cheeses.

This was also so freaking good! I never would have guessed that pumpkin would be a popular fruit preserve in Portugal, but I’m so glad that it is because this jam is the bomb. It is thinner than the kind of jam I’m used to, but not as gelatinous as a jelly. It is so sweet and so amazing. The pumpkin taste is subtle, as is the cinnamon… and then you get the added texture of hazelnut pieces! I definitely recommend this on toast in the morning and I can definitely see this paired with some high quality cheeses on a cheese and fruit platter.

[Recommended use: mix into yogurt, spread onto toast]


Paladin Piri Piri Hot Sauce, from Golega

A quintessentially Portuguese condiment, piri piri hot sauce was first introduced to Europe in the 15th century when Christopher Columbus came back home with piri piri peppers. Since then, the sauce has been used throughout the country.”


I’m not a huge fan of hot or spicy foods, but I do enjoy some Tapatio or Sriracha on certain dishes. :p So I’ll definitely give this one a try as well, but I think my brother would appreciate this more than I would since he loves dousing his food in all different kinds of hot sauce.

[Recommended use: season veggies, mix into a marinate]


Casa Lucena Lemon Cookies, from Porto.

Committed to preserving the culinary traditions of Portugal, Casa Lucena’s cookies are made according to an old, Portuguese recipe. They’re crisp and buttery, so it’s hard to resist finishing the whole box in one sitting!”

Everything they described up there is true; these cookies are addicting and wonderfully crisp with a fresh lemon flavor! I definitely had to stop myself from eating the entire box. XD They kind of remind me of animal crackers, haha… but better. 😉 And I love that there is something in this box from Porto.

[Recommended uses: dip into coffee, crumble into pie crust]



Olivais do Sul Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, from Monte Do Trigo.

This bitter and slightly spicy olive oil is a perfect addition to a variety of dishes. The olives used to make it are grown in central Portugal and are cold pressed to preserve their complex aroma and distinct flavor.”

My family loves EVOO! We cook with it (we used to use vegetable oil, but now we only use olive oil), we dip fresh bread in it (with balsamic vinegar), and we use it in our salad dressings too. We actually got into fancy olive oil after our trip to Spain a couple of years back, so I know this EVOO is going to a lot of fun to try.

[Recommended use: mix into dress, substitute for butter]


Overall enjoyment: I love the curation of this box; all of the items included felt like food souvenirs that I would personally want to bring back home if I had gone on a trip to Portugal. I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve tried so far and that jam and onion spread are just begging to be paired with cheese and fruit. XD

If you’re interested in signing up for Try The World, be sure to use IRIS15 to get 15% off your first box!



*Disclosure: The above item was complimentary and received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. I only review things that are in line with my interests and wouldn’t subject you, my dear readers, to boring products or subscriptions.


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