March 2016 Love With Food Tasting Box Review


Love With Food
The Breakdown:
Cost: The Cost: $9.99/month OR $19.95/month | 8+ samples
Organic, natural, and GMO-free snacks!
Ships via DHL Global Mail | Ships to the US


It’s been a while!


Horizon Organic Fruit Snacks in Bunch o’ Berries – These are good! Just like Annie’s fruit snacks, but stickier… more like Swedish fish. Very sweet and fruity.


Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar in Strawberry – My first time trying one of these was in a Popsugar box and I loved it so much that I went out and bought an entire box. 😀 This is even better though, it’s a 1 oz snack size so you’re not going to stuff yourself by eating the normal sized bar, which is the 2 oz size, IIRC. These are better than Fig Newtons and are available in many flavors.


Dolcetto Petites Lemon Wafter Bites – I’ve also had these before and loved them so much that I bought some. XD I prefer the chocolate ones though. These are better suited for those who really love lemon.


Almond Roca Buttercrunch Toffee with Almonds – I do love almonds and toffee so this one was a tasty treat. :p


Olympos Pitted Green Olives – I don’t like olives and I think this might the second time I’ve received this item. XD I think I’m just going to give this to someone who actually does enjoy olives.


Bacon’s Heir’s Rosemary and Sea Salt Pork Clouds – THESE ARE AMAZING. They were sent out in a deluxe box before and I was really disappointed that they weren’t included in the tasting box… and here they are! These are just as good as I thought they would be, but you can’t really go wrong with fried pork skins. XD I think I would have loved these even more if they had been just sea salt.


Stonefire Flatbreads Original Naan Crisps – I know I’ve definitely received these before. They’re slightly too salty for me, but they’re great when paired with jam or cheese.


Salty Road Peppermint Salt Water Taffy – Salty Road salt water taffy is probably my favorite! These were definitely gone by the time I finished taking photos. XD


Overall enjoyment: I loved everything in the box except for the olives, so I’d say this was a pretty successful month for me. :p The pork clouds were the best things ever and I want a whole box of the snack size fig bars!


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