March 2016 Popsugar Must Have Review


Popsugar Musthave
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $39.95/month
Beauty, Fashion, Food, Home, Fitness, etc.!
Ships via Fedex Smartpost | Ships to the US


Goodie Girls Cookies Toffee Chaos ($4.99) – These are gluten free and DELICIOUS. The caramelized toffee really shines through and the pockets of chocolate add a creaminess that is amazing. I love that Popsugar included such an awesome treat that is gluten-free so that more of their subscribers can enjoy it! (and I’ll be honest, I took a photo of this first so that I could tear into the bag, haha).


Hello Extra Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste in Pure Mint ($4.49) – I’ve never tried Hello’s toothpaste but I have tried their breath spray (in the grapefruit flavor), which was just okay. Hopefully this one will be better since it’s just mint.


This will last longer than the mini tube of toothpaste you get from your dentist. :p


Pixi by Petra Book of Beauty Minimal Makeup Palette ($24) – This is for those “barely there” kind of looks, which is the style I go for! (or rather I’m honestly too lazy to put on makeup in the mornings, especially during busy season).


This palette comes with two highlighters, two cheek tints, and four eyeshadows!


Govino Go Anywhere Carafe and Water Glass Set ($14.95) – Govino is great for picnics or if you have kids since all of their products are made of BPA-free polymer, which are shatter-proof. So you can drop them as much as you want and they’ll still be in one piece.


Another thing that makes Govino products unique is that each piece has as thumb groove for easier grip.


The “big ticket” item in the box! (this was also the spoiler that made me super excited for this March box)


Nanette Nanette Lepore Classic Rose Gold Watch ($55) – This is hands down the best item in the box. *____* I love it so much. It’s very similar to the style of watches that I own already (clean, minimalistic design). My only complaint is that this has a second hand; I’m not a fan of watches with second hands that don’t sweep because every “tick” is super audible when the room is entirely quiet.


Vegan leather.


The case is a little bulkier than the ones I prefer.


But it is still so beautiful.


The back.


I’m wearing it right now. 😀 This is a Popsugar exclusive as Nanette Lepore will soon launch their new line of watches.


Miss Ivy Pearl Five-Tassel Necklace ($38) – I think this is one of those high fashion pieces that I just won’t understand. XD Or is it actually ugly?


I know tassels/fringe are in style, but this necklace looks like… those weird tassels that are at the ends of carpets and weird throw pillows. XD


I do like the color scheme though.


If you don’t like the tassels like me, you can take them off and just re-use the chain!


LOLA Gift Card – This is the special extra for the month. You can use this $10 “gift card” on one of their boxes, which is for their 100% cotton tampons. It is valid through 4/30/2016 and it is valid on one-box orders for new customers only. I’m not going to go use this code so here it is: PSMH32816. Whoever is first can have it!


Overall value: $141.43

Overall enjoyment: The watch made the entire box for me! I love it even more now that I have seen it in person and worn it. The color scheme is classic and timeless. Everything else in the box is just a bonus. 😉


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