February 2016 Golden Tote Review


Golden Tote
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $49/month (2-3 items) or $149/month (5-7 items)
Clothes! Dresses, tops, jackets, cardigans, sweaters, and more.
Ships via USPS or UPS | Ships to the US


Business Savvy Blazer in Navy – This was my first chosen and the main reason why I had to buy a tote in February! I just had to have this when I saw it because a) I love navy/dark blue for clothing, b) I love wearing blazers for work, and c) it’s super soft material (the fabric composition is 70% rayon, 25% polyester, 5% spandex). And this did not disappoint! It’s so comfortable to wear and it immediately elevates any outfit. Seriously, I could wear a somewhat “business casual” top, add this on, and… it’s suddenly good enough for the workplace. 😉


The back. I also love the detailing at the sleeves.


Smooth Transition Fringe Cardigan in Taupe – This was my second chosen. I love cardigans so this pick was a no-brainer for me! I was debating a while between this color and the ivory, but I have more grey-ish clothes in my closet so I went with this! It’s very light-weight and flow-y. I think it’s great for spring and even into summer when you want to go to bonfires and use this as a cover-up!


The back. It kind of goes for that oversized look.


Dreamers Dolman Cardigan in Black – When I first pulled this out, I was like no… nope, not happening because I’m not a huge fan of dolmans. But then I put it on and was like, yes… oh yes, my precioussssss. This is ridiculously soft. It’s like wearing a cloud. A CLOUD. Black goes well with everything and I can get away with wearing this at work so it’s a win-win. The sleeves are fitted, but everything else drapes beautifully.


The back. I kind of feel like batman when I wear this. XD


Lola Bird Sweater in Black – I actually requested this in my notes because I saw someone else receive it and thought it was just adorable. Why, you ask? It looks like a plain black v-neck sweater…


Because the back features this adorable pair of birds! *___*


Close-up. Seriously so cute.


Ellison Striped Top in Stripe – This was the only surprise I wasn’t a huge fan of because it’s just kind of… well, boring. XD I don’t wear too much white and this isn’t really my style. But it’s 100% cotton and pretty comfortable.


The back.


Skies are Blue Floral Dress – This just screams SPRING. I don’t usually love crazy busy patterns or florals but this works. The navy background is just enough to keep it from being an eye-sore and when you pair this with a dark cardigan, it’s just beautiful.


The back. It’s a drawstring waist and polyester, which aren’t great because drawstring waist dresses tend to make me look weird but… I really do love this.

My stylist this time around was JK and I LOVE HER. She just knows my style. I hope the March totes (yes TOTES, plural) that I ordered were also styled by her. 😀 OH, and I guess I forgot to mention this earlier in the post, but I always order GT’s size medium. They have sizes ranging from XS-L.

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