Fortune Cookie Soap Pure Imagination Box Review


Fortune Cookie Soap Pure Imagination Box
The Breakdown:
One-Time Purchase | Cost: $49.99
Bath and Body Products
Ships via USPS | Ships to Everywhere!


When FCS announced that they were launching another one-off box, I was definitely in! This one’s a little different than their usual quarterly soap boxes for a couple of reasons: there are full size items, the box costs $49.99, and there is no collection launch afterwards. The last one was a throwback to their previous Nightmare Before Christmas collection, but this one featured all brand new scents and Willa Wonka themed.


All of the scents.


And another cool thing about these one-off boxes? They always include something extra. 😀 The last extra was a t-shirt and this time it was a FCS tote bag.


Invitation Only Bar Soap – waterfalls of creamy chocolate cascading with melted marshmallow and rich buttercream. 

The first thing I tore into was this. Why? Because when they launched the pre-order for this box, they announced that there would be golden tickets in a few of the boxes, just as it was in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I honestly wasn’t expecting to win because it’s one of those things where your mind just talks you into it, you know?

But then…




The moment I saw the yellow slip of paper, I was like no way… no freaking way. And then I turned it around and saw how much I won… and I pretty much just stared at it. A $300 gift card to Fortune Cookie Soap. $300! I’m pretty sure this was the highest denomination they sent out because I saw other people getting a $75 and a $100 gift card, but hot damn.

Needless to say, I was just over the moon and I hadn’t even gone through the rest of the box yet!

Oh, and this smells absolutely delicious! It smells so good that I want to eat it because it’s chocolate and marshmallows and buttercream and how can I not? I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to use it because it’s also so pretty with the gold mica and the emblazoned words. I keep taking it out of the foil that it was wrapped in to sneak glances and sniffs. XD


Liquor is Quicker Shower Oil – Dandy little pieces of pulled taffy with sprinkle of sea salt.

This is hands down my favorite scent in the entire box. It smells AMAZING and I cannot even start to describe it to do it justice… But it smells like pure, spun sugar with the smallest hint of strawberries and cream… and maybe a little lemon. I cannot stop sniffing it and I love FCS’ shower oils so I’ve been using this every day since I’ve gotten it. XD


You’re Turning Violet, Violet Aloe Me Body Whip – Blueberry bubblegum gushing with naught violets.

This scent is crazy complicated in the best way possible! It smells sweet, like bubblegum, in the container… but then you put some on and the dry down is florally with only a touch of sweetness. It gives a hint of nostalgia and I’m not quite sure what it reminds me of, but I like this scent a lot more than I initially thought I would after reading the description.


The aloe is the purple and the baby blue is the whipped cream! Their aloe me body whips are awesome because you get both aloe and whipped cream in the same jar. 😀 You can also mix the two together, depending on your preferences.


And a top view. The colors are just lovely.


Fizzy Lifting Bubble Bath – Effervescent bubbles will carry you to the ceiling with burps of yummy gummy goodness.

I had no idea what this was supposed to smell like when I read the description, but it really just smells like GUMMY BEARS. I don’t know how they do it, but this actually smells like a red gummy bear. Is there even a true description for the flavor red? XD In any case, if you’re not a bath person, I believe you could also use this as a shower gel… you’ll just get more bubbles and suds. :p


HOW CUTE IS THE CONTAINER? It’s like the containers you get honey in.


Lifetime Supply Eau de Parfum – Crushed and distilled candy melons, exotic jasmine, and creamy vanilla.

It was seriously a toss up between this one and the Liquor is Quicker scent for my favorite. I don’t know what kind of crack FCS has slipped into this but it smells so freaking amazing. (and yes, I know I say that a lot for FCS products, but I am not kidding – their scents are seriously so unique and wonderful that I recommend them to everyone) The candy melons are definitely there, but more at first whiff… then it goes into something more complicated, but still sweet and ahhhhh, it’s just so good!!! It also kind of reminds me of a shampoo. I love this scent so much.


Another photo, just because.


FCS Land Hand Sanitizer – Tart citrus candy bursting with berries and vanilla.

This smells like straight up candy. I’m not sure what kind of candy, but candy nevertheless. And of course, it smells good. I don’t know how they do it – coming up with brand new scents that are all so delicious, but they knocked it out of the park this time!


I Want It Now Shower Steamer – Rich and demanding toffee caramel topped with spoiled brat meringue and a sprinkle of sea salt and nuts. 

I only don’t like this scent because it’s too rich of a foodie scent for me. XD I’ve found that I’m not very fond of caramel scents because they’re just too much in a heavy way and I prefer fresh/fruity scents when it comes to most products. However, as a shower steamer, this is perfect because your entire shower will smell like toffee caramel.


The flip side. It’s just a white half-egg that you place on the floor of your shower and let it fizz out and create a little space of toffee caramel goodness.


Sugar Pits Deodorant – A fruity blend bursting with watermelon, strawberries, cherries, peaches, and fluffy pink bubblegum.

I get bubblegum more than anything when I smell this, but it’s definitely a fruity bubblegum, with watermelon as the most prominent note in all of the mentioned fruits. The name of this scent just cracks me up though. XD


Looks good enough to eat. 😉


Grandpa Joe Incense Cones – Rich tobacco swirled with sweet brown sugar and a whiff of tonka bean.

This reminds me of a sweeter version of Take The Black, another FCS scent from their Game of Thrones collection. It smells like leather and tobacco and something a little sweeter. Oh, and it also reminds me of American Royalty, which was a FCS scent from their winter box. I didn’t think I’d like this one, but as incense cones? It actually really fits really well and isn’t crazy intense in the tobacco, since it’s tempered by the brown sugar!


If you’re curious as to how to use these, I have a post from last Spring when they sent out incense cones, where I took some photos after I lit one. 🙂


How cute is it that they packaged it like a candy?


Everything’s Eatable Lip Scrub – Fruit, juicy, and oh sooooooo sweet.

This is an exact dupe of juicy fruit gum! Which of course means it’s DELICIOUS. You’re not supposed to eat this like candy… but you could. I mean, it’s not harmful and it’s honestly so good. XD As with other lip scrubs, you just gently smear it onto your lips and rub them together to spread/gently exfoliate with the sugar crystals before you wipe off the excess… or eat it. :p


How tempting does that look?


Love the layering!


Everlasting Solid Bubble Bath – A sweet and bubbly combination of lollipops and fizzy lemon lime soda.

When I saw the name, I immediately thought GOBSTOPPERS. But no, haha. This is an exact dupe of ramune soda, aka the marble soda! XD I love how that soda tastes and smells so of course I love this too! This is HUGE and you should definitely break it up into smaller pieces for multiple uses or else your tub will overflow with bubbles. XD From what I heard, there’s a bath melt in the middle? Maybe? I don’t know for sure since I haven’t used mine yet!


A bright yellow!


And because FCS is awesome, they also included a piece of candy in here. 😉


The Pure Imagination Soap Box!

Overall enjoyment: I think I might love this more than the actual spring box this time around. The scents are all amazing. I don’t know how they did it but I just the scents in this box so much. I especially can’t stop using the shower oil and perfume spray. XD AND OF COURSE the coolest, most amazing thing… is that I actually got a golden ticket! The ironic thing is that if I could, the first I’d spend the gift card on? Another one of these boxes because I loved the scents so much. Unfortunately, this box is all sold out and so if you want to try these scents/products, you’d have to buy them off of someone else. I really wish I had bought more than one box when it went on pre-sale!



  1. Woah, this looks amazing and congrats on the $300 gift certificate!! That’s a really cool contest for them to run. I’ve never bought anything from them but your reviews are seriously tempting me.

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