April 2016 Sudz & Scrubz Shower Box Review


Sudz & Scrubz Box
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $29.99/month
Fun, handmade bath or shower products
Ships via USPS | Ships to US


What is Sudz & Scrubz?

“Bringing fun bath and body products right to your door, every month! All our products are all handmade in our studio. We bring you some of the highest quality items that won’t break the bank. Our boxes will introduce you to all kinds of new products you will be sure to love over and over! Each month will be a new array of scents and items that will make your bathing experiences relaxing and spa-like.”

The coolest thing about Sudz & Scrubz is that they offer three different box options – Shower, Bath, or Kids. That way, if you’re a bath person, you’ll get bath-orientated items (ex. bath bombs), but if you’re a shower person, you’ll get shower-friendly items (ex. shower steamers). And if you have kids who want to have fun during bath time, then try the Kids box for even more fun and delicious-scented products. 😀

This is only their second box ever! They started out in March 2016 and I think they’re on the right track.


After Shower Lavenwood Healing Butter – This is a HUGE tub of stuff. XD The consistency is that of a lotion bar so it will definitely take some time to go through it all! I love the scent combination of lavender and cedarwood – it’s calming and earthy. You use this after the shower by rubbing it into your skin to retain moisture. I love after shower items like this because I’ve found using products (lotion bars, shower oils, moisturizer bars, etc.) on damp skin has really helped.


And this is what it looks like on the inside.


Salted Rim Margarita Body Soap – THIS SMELLS SO GOOD. Fresh, fruity, tropical, and sweet all at once! It really is just in time for Cinco de Mayo. XD I don’t really use bar soap (prefer liquid body wash and foaming hand soap), but this seriously makes me want to open it and start using it so that my hands and body can smell like it!


At first glance, this almost looks like a lemon bar. XD


If I were to use it any time soon, I’d probably cut it in half or quarters!


Wooden Soap Block – Ideal for bar soaps to “drain” so that they can last longer. This was a very thoughtful inclusion so that subscribers don’t have to go out and buy a soap dish on their own and can just start using the handmade soap. 🙂


Sinus Clearing Eucalyptus Shower Steamers – I absolutely adore shower steamers and was so happy to see a set of two included in the box! When I opened the box, this was definitely the first thing I smelled. XD I definitely can’t wait to use them as aromatherapy because eucalyptus is amazing.


The two steamers were wrapped together in plastic – be sure to only use one at a time or else the scent might be too strong.


Exfoliating Charcoal Face Soap – This is a huge bar of face soap! I definitely can see this lasting for a long time, especially since I do have more sensitive skin so I wouldn’t be exfoliating with this every day. In fact, I’ll probably only use this once a week so that I don’t scratch or dry my skin since this is made with pumice stone and jojoba beads. I have had great success with products that had charcoal in them so I think this will be good for me as long as I use it sparingly.


What it looks like!


Ooey Gooey Vanilla Sugar Scrub – If I thought the after shower butter was in big tub, I was wrong. This is even bigger! Thankfully it’s easier to go through a tub of sugar scrub (at least it is for me) or else I’d be using this for the entire year. XD


It smells absolutely mouth-watering. Pure warm vanilla and sugar.


The consistency is great too! So easy to spread on your arms/legs/body and to really get rid of that dead skin and exfoliate. 😀


April Sudz & Scrubz Shower Box

Overall enjoyment: I think this box is great for its price point and quality. All of the items, with the exception of the shower steamers, can be used for a really, really long time – they’re super generous with the sizing of the items they include! I honestly don’t believe that I’d be able to finish anything within three months unless I really, really tried. XD And since everything is packaged so nicely, if there’s anything you want to gift – they’re ready for gifting too – just gotta keep the seals in tact. 😉 It would be hard to find similarly sized products for the same quality and pricing!

Oh and if you loved anything in your box, some of the items are available over at their shop.



*Disclosure: The above item was complimentary and received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. I only review things that are in line with my interests and wouldn’t subject you, my dear readers, to boring products or subscriptions.


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