May 2016 Stickii Pop Pack Review


The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $10/month
Cute, Retro, or Pop stickers!
Ships via USPS | Ships to US


What is Stickii, exactly?

Stickii is the subscription for sticker lovers! You can pick from three different “styles”:

  1. Cute – Kawaii, Warm, Pastel
  2. Retro – Vintage, Earthy, Nostalgic
  3. Pop – Bright, Trendy, Cool

And every month you’ll receive: 5+ Big sticker sheets, 10+ Small to Medium single stickers, and 1-2 washi tape samples.

The pack I’m reviewing is the Pop pack! And I love that they take such care in presentation – the bright purple envelope and the fun confetti. 😀


A quick first look at all the stickers!


This sheet above and the two following sheets below were pretty awesome; you could mix and match your own faces with the eyes, nose, and mouth.


That first one – the upside down heart – is the cutest!


Make your very own emoticon – the possibilities are endless. XD To be honest, I’d probably skip the noses and only go for the eyes/mouths combination… or use the noses as mouths too, hahaha.


I really like the hectic composition of this set of stickers and the mix of fonts/languages. The best part of stickers is that you can make any greeting/birthday card unique by adding some strategically placed stickers.


I think this might be my favorite one – just because of all the tiny smileys.


Here’s a closeup of the cuteness! Imagine getting one of these smileys in kindergarten instead of the normal yellow smiley. XD


Now this sheet is what makes the Pop pack trendy!


MINI BUTTER LONDON STICKERS. Seriously too cool. And the most awesome thing of all is the fact that these stickers have height to them so you can actually feel each one. I really just want to stick these everywhere. XD Also I love that they are clearly duping the brand names, but have WAC instead of MAC.


Samples of washi tape. You know, I never much got into washi tape because I could never really finish an entire roll of one. But I love this variety and the small strips – you definitely won’t get tired of just using the same pattern over and over again. (plus, blue/grey/black are my favorite colors so this sample is definitely a win).


A bit more washi tape – two samples! And then black and white stickers with simple illustrations that give it a slight vintage/minimalistic coolness.


More make-up/fashion/beauty stickers!


Now these are really special, which is why I’ve saved them for last. The two photography-related stickers are quite unlike anything else I’ve seen and are so thin. Whereas the textbox sticker is quite thick and actually works as a mirror!

DSC_0374The May 2016 Stickii Pop Pack!

Overall enjoyment: I have always been a sticker aficionado… if such descriptions exist. :p But seriously, I collected stickers like a fiend as a kid (I had over 5 sticker books filled with random stickers from my trips to Taiwan and Japan) and I still do. XD I stuck stickers everywhere on my white dresser that I’ve only recently disposed of and now I love to hoard stickers just to admire them so this was truly amazing for me. I had a peek over at their other themed packs and what stickers could have possibly been included and concluded that I would have loved all of them – the more stickers the better!

If you’re interested in signing up – especially for a longer subscription, make sure to use:

3MONTHS for 10% off a 3-month subscription
6MONTHS for 15% off a 6-month subscription




*Disclosure: The above item was complimentary and received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. I only review things that are in line with my interests and wouldn’t subject you, my dear readers, to boring products or subscriptions.




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