May 2016 Unbound Quarterly Subscription


The Breakdown:
Quarterly | Cost: $65/quarter
High quality products to spice up your personal life 😉
Ships via USPS | Ships Worldwide!

Before I go any further, I do want to point out that this is an adult subscription box, so 18+ please only! Even if I am going to keep this review PG-13. XD


Unbound is a quarterly subscription box that sends out high quality products/toys to spice up your sex life! It ships in a very plain, very discreet white box, which opens up to this subtle black box so that no one will ever have to know what you’re ordering over the internet. 😉

“The Unbound Box is a curated experience of indulgence in the best way. Every three months, you’ll receive a discreetly shipped package that contains full-sized, high quality items that have been hand selected from all over the world.”

Since they are a quarterly subscription box, you can expect boxes to ship out in February. May, August, and November. If you sign up now, you will actually be able to get this exact box that I’m reviewing. 😀


This quarter’s theme was delta and here’s the information card that tells all.


First up!


Bijoux Indescrets Silver Mimi Pasties ($11) – Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be in possession of pasties… especially after seeing Miley Cyrus wear them. XD But these are really pretty and quite classy. I love the design and the fact that these are a temporary accessory to enjoy on a special occasion. Plus, it’s all the sparkle with no glitter!


And here’s what they look like!

Honestly, if you don’t feel comfortable using them as pasties, you can always put them on other parts of your body for the awesome design! I bet these would be really great at EDC with all the lights catching on these pieces.


A plain, brown bag contains…?


Unbound Body Chain – Fun fact, if you sign up now, you can choose the kind of body chain you receive – either regular or curve! It’s great that Unbound caters to more than just one size. 🙂 The regular is with a 36″ waist chain and the curve is with a 48″ waist chain.


This is also simple and classy and you can even just wear this over your swimsuit for some extra summer sparkle! I love that it’s a silver chain and not gold because I’ve always preferred silver over gold when it comes to jewelry. 🙂


Exsens Cooling Stimulation Gel in Fresh Ginger Lychee ($?) – The value of this product is all over the place! XD I’ve found it retailing for $124.95 to $181.00 to 19.90 CHF (which translate to around $20.64 USD at current rates).


This smells really good! Very fresh and fruity and just slightly sweet. The combination of ginger and lychee is fantastic and it’s actually made in France. :O I tested some on the back of my hand the texture is slightly oily but not too sticky! It actually absorbs pretty quickly too.


Here’s the ingredient list, for curiosity’s sake.


Jimmyjane Intro 2 Vibe ($59) – Jimmyjane is a really good brand and all of their products are quite expensive. This particular one is a clitoral vibe (can also be used on the nipples) with two motors in each of the prongs and three different speeds + three modes. But the best thing about this is that it’s waterproof and bath-friendly up to 1 meter! And did I mention that it already comes with two AAA batteries so that you don’t have to wait to use it? 😉


Other side of the box with more information.


The unboxing…


Instructions on how to use it…


And here it is! It looks kind of like a tooth, hahaha. Maybe this would be a good gag gift to give to a friend who’s getting their DDS or DMD degree. 😉


Unbound Bag – This is a simple bag to help you be discreet as you stash it with all of your toys or just anything else! The quote says, “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.” – Mae West.


The May 2016 Unbound Quarterly Box!

Overall enjoyment: The greatest thing about this particular quarter’s curation is that the items can be enjoyed by yourself or with a partner! Not only that, the value and quality of the items included are definitely worth the price of the subscription – especially if you’re not interested in going to a sex toy shop in person. XD And in case you missed it earlier, this exact box is still available for purchase! So if you’re interested in trying out these items, head on over to Unbound to grab one for yourself before they sell out. 🙂


*Disclosure: The above item was complimentary and received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. I only review things that are in line with my interests and wouldn’t subject you, my dear readers, to boring products or subscriptions.


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