Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2016 Review


The Zoe Report – Box of Style
The Breakdown:
Cost: $100/quarter or $350 for an annual subscription
Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Items
When: Ships in March, July, September, December
Ships via FedEx


Summer’s here and it’s time for another RZ box of style!


DreamDry The Dream Turban ($30) – I’m excited to try this out! I’ve bought something similar in the past when I was in Japan – some sort of microfiber hair turban that was supposed to help dry your hair faster, but that one didn’t really work. At all. Here’s to hoping this one will live up to its name and promise!


You can never have too many pairs of sunglasses!


YHF Los Angeles Cashton Brown Sunglasses ($40) – I love how these look on me! I think they’re pretty versatile too and can work on both guys and girls. The lens are a little farther apart than what I’m used to, but will look even better on those with prominent noses, in my opinion.


The “arms” of the sunglasses are tortoise shell patterned.


The original spoilers of this quarter’s box!


Luv AJ Open Crescent Ring + Pave Tusk Lariat Exclusive Set ($190) – These were the hero items that were revealed a long time ago and I think it’s great that Rachel Zoe does this. Once you know what the hero item is, you can decide whether or not you want to subscribe for the next quarter so you won’t end up terribly disappointed when the high value item in the box is something you’ll never use.


The ring itself is adjustable, which is great, because it’s actually a little tight.


The pave crystals!


And the lariat necklace to match.


OUAI Haircare Wave Spray (1.7 fl oz/50 ml, $8.90) – I’m not one for beach waves in my hair or spraying things that will make my hair get oily faster. XD But this definitely fits in with the “summer/beach” theme, so I think most subscribers will be interested in trying out this product!


Juice Beauty Green Apple SPF 15 Brightening Moisturizer (1.7 fl oz/50 ml, $38) – I really need to start using SPF in the mornings, even if the most sun I see is when I’m driving to work or when I’m driving home from work. XD But the sun and its UV rays are no joke! Juice Beauty is great for its organic ingredients and its signature green apple scent so this shouldn’t be too much of a chore to apply in the morning. 😀


Michael Stars Pastel Gardens Coverup ($58) – I love Michael Stars! I was first introduced to this brand in Popsugar and I’m excited to receive another Michael Stars item. 🙂 This is perfect for poolside lounging or, if you’re lucky enough, lounging at an actual tropical beach. :p


The colors are gorgeous.


Just absolutely gorgeous! The fabric itself is thin and see-through.


The Summer 2016 Rachel Zoe Box of Style!

Overall value: $364.90

Overall enjoyment: I think Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style is one of the best boxes out there right now. The only other box that can compete is Avenue A by Adidas (look out for a review on that soon). Box of Style consistently brings the value and quality that we’ve all been waiting for and also some randomly useful items! My favorite item in this box is surprisingly the sunglasses. XD The only way this subscription could get better is if they started including some of Rachel’s favorite snacks. :p



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