July 2016 Chococurb Nano Review + 10% Off Code!


Chococurb Nano 
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost:$10/month + $3 shipping in May-Sep
5 small to medium pieces of chocolate!
Ships via USPS | Ships to the US


What is Chococurb Nano?

It’s a gentle introduction to Chococurb! For a third of the price, you get experience the same brands and high quality chocolates. It’s a great way to get something sweet each month but not overindulge. But if you decide that you love it so much, you can always switch over to the Chococurb subscription for more full sized chocolates. 🙂


This is why you pay for the extra shipping! They carefully package it in a huge styrofoam box during the hotter months to ensure that your chocolates don’t melt in transit.


It was nicely wrapped in this tissue paper.


More about Chococurb!


And voila! I’ll be giving my first impressions below on each piece of chocolate. 🙂


TCHO Mokaccino – Milk chocolate + blue bottle coffee, so good, just the right balance of chocolate and coffee! Not too sweet and you can definitely taste the coffee.


Ethereal Confections – Dark chocolate, not too bitter, just the right amount of sweetness.


Seattle Chocolates Birthday Cake Batter – Milk chocolate coated, crunch sprinkles inside, super sweet. It’s kind of a white chocolate inside, but it doesn’t really taste like birthday cake batter. However it was delicious.


Dolfin Noir Lavande – dark chocolate with lavender, slightly fragrant, but not overwhelming. It’s definitely sophisticated chocolate.


Menakao Milk Chocolate Madagascan Vanilla – It’s supposed to be”fudgy and light”, as noted on the cover. But this one is weirdly… chalky? Maybe it has a low butter content? It’s definitely not the smooth kind of milk chocolate I was expecting and it’s not super sweet either.

And a sticker to put on your laptop, your water bottle, or just anywhere else!

The July 2016 Chococurb Nano

Overall enjoyment: I thought this was a really fun box. You get to enjoy bites of different kinds of chocolate without feeling too guilty because they’re just small squares! The best thing is that you’d usually have to buy an entire bag or go to a specialty store to find these, but Chococurb Nano has it all curated for you. Would I spend $10 + shipping on this every month? Maybe not, but for those months in which I work super long hours (yay busy season), you bet I would! It’s something to look forward to and some days you just need chocolate. 😉

Discount Code: Use BOXES to get 10% off, valid through 8/23/2016!


*Disclosure: The above item was complimentary and received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. I only review things that are in line with my interests and wouldn’t subject you, my dear readers, to boring products or subscriptions.




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