Fall 2016 Fortune Cookie Soap Box Review


Fortune Cookie Soap
The Breakdown:
Quarterly | Cost: $19.99/quarter
8 exclusive FCS bath/body products in adorable mini-sizes
Ships via USPS | Ships Worldwide!


This quarter’s theme was As You Wish… or The Princess Bride! I absolutely LOVE this movie so I was super excited to receive my box. I don’t watch a lot of movies, but I highly recommend this one if you’ve never seen it before.


Product card with all of the scent descriptions!


I loved the color theme of this box – golds, yellows, greens, and a little bit of orange.


Prepare to Die OCD Hand Sanitizer – A warm blend of fresh baked cookie dough spiced with clove and saffron. 

I was so surprised to find myself loving this scent after reading the description! It is SO GOOD. It’s hard to describe in concrete terms, but it’s warmth, coziness, sweet bakery scents, and just a dash of spice to round it out. To me, it’s the perfect fall scent if you love baked goods and cozying up as the weather grows colder. This is hands down my favorite scent in the entire fall box.


Their hand sanitizer remains one of my favorite products, of course, and I love that this one is full of sparkles! I seriously cannot stop smelling the back of my hand (where I had tested this product).


Buttercup Shampoo – candied rum wrapped with ripe fig, bergamot, vetiver, warm sandalwood, and sweet vanilla musk.

This one is hard to pinpoint. I think I smell some hints of plum (which is probably actually the fig) and at the same time the vetiver and sandalwood make this more “woodsy”… but overall, it’s a nice scent. I’ll have to try this out in a whipped cream to see if I actually like it or not. Liquid shampoo is one of their newer products, so it’s awesome that they’re sending out a sample for those who haven’t tried it yet!


Mostly Dead Whipped Cream – Golden honey drizzled over toasted almonds and pumpkin puree. 

This is one for the pumpkin lovers! I think it might be the almonds, but there’s something that’s just too “potpourri” for my liking (it dries down more floral-like as well). It’s very sweet and almost reminds me of marshmallows or rice crispies, somehow. I have no doubt that people who loved FCS’ other pumpkin scents will love this too.


Their whipped cream is probably my favorite product because the scent lasts forever and it’s super moisturizing on your skin.


Pit of Despair Steam Me Up Scotty – Patchouli, fresh-cut lemongrass, and tropical plumeria.

I thought I would really dislike this because I’m really not a fan of patchouli, but somehow this works! It’s probably the most unisex scent in the box and it’s super clean and super fresh! It reminds me of really nice soap. XD I know that’s not the best description, but the lemongrass really shines through and it’s quite a pleasant scent. I’m so glad that FCS brought back their steam me up scotty product (or shower steamers) for fall because I don’t take baths and these are the closest you can get to a bath bomb without using one. XD


Mawiage Scented Cotton Ball – Rich pound cake, scented with cardamom, pistachio, and rosewater topped with creamy buttercream.

Maybe it’s because it’s on the cotton ball, but this smells really green and leafy to me! It’s almost like… celery? Maybe that’s just how the scents come together, but if you keep sniffing, you do get that rosewater note later on. I could tell from the description that I wouldn’t really like this one so I think I probably won’t buy anything full size in this scent. The reason why it’s on a cotton ball and not in an actual product is because their facial moisturizer is unscented but they wanted to let you try all of the new scents!

Knight Cream Facial Moisturizer – Speaking of which… this is a brand new product! It’s very lightweight and absorbs quickly. To apply, you gently rub a small amount onto your face, avoiding your eyes. I think I’ll have to give this a try to see how it works on my skin! But I’m very happy that this is unscented because I feel like heavily scented facial products usually give me a headache.
Inconceivable Perfume Oil – Fall woods, black amber, and poached pears topped with whipped vanilla cream.
I was hoping to like this one, but I think the poached pears aren’t what I thought they would be. Upon first sniff, it smells like really rich maple syrup… which slowly gives way to the scent of pears and something a little more earthy. But I think the “foodie” notes are too strong in this one for me. I would have loved it if it was heavy on the woods and black amber, but unfortunately it’s the poached pears that take center stage for this scent. It reminds me of What’s This from the NBC collection.
True Love Facial Cleansing Oil – A sparkling blend of fresh citrus, creamy jasmine petals, and a dash of sea salt.
This is also a brand new product! I was really surprised by how it smelled when I poured out a little bit. From the description, I thought it would mostly be jasmine but the citrus really overpowers everything. To me, it smells like sugared lemons with a hint of floral (that’s nowhere close to jasmine). It really reminds me of another FCS scent: Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, which was “sweet lemony dessert sugar, lemon, and shortbread”. To use this product, you pour out a bit of it into your hands, rub your hands together until the product becomes white, apply it to your face (gently), and then rinse and pat dry.

Drop Your Sword Fortune Cookie Soap – Aromatic blend of medieval honey apple mead.

This is so amazing. It smells like everything you want apples and honey to be. It reminds me of this apple gum I used to enjoy and it is AMAZING. There’s that slight hint of floral from the honey, which balances perfectly with the tart freshness of the apple… and all of it is encompassed by the warm sweetness of mead. Look at how awesome the tiny plastic sword is! My fortune, which I forgot to take a photo of, says “People cannot be trusted”. >:D


The Fall 2016 Fortune Cookie Soap Box!

Overall enjoyment: My top three favorite scents were – Prepare to Die, Drop Your Sword, and… it’s a toss up between Buttercup and Pit of Despair for spot number three. Although I think Pit of Despair might just edge it out a little. XD If you received this box, don’t forget to check your email for the $10 coupon code! And if you’re interested in trying out these scents in full size products, the launch party is on August 26, 2016 at 6PM CST.


One comment

  1. Hm… sounds like I would like Prepare to Die and Drop Your Sword the best. Pit of Despair would be awesome if it was just lemongrass and plumeria. I like spicy but not floral and not too sickly sweet. Also, since I haven’t been getting these boxes for awhile, my OCD hand sanitizer stash is dwindling. I can’t get too low! Eek!

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