Halloween 2016 Fortune Cookie Soap Box Review


Fortune Cookie Soap I Put A Spell On You Box
The Breakdown:
One-Time Purchase | Cost: $49.99
Bath and Body Products
Ships via USPS | Ships to Everywhere!


Fortune Cookie Soap does it again! Another year, another Halloween soap box. 😀 This year’s theme was the Halloween favorite; Hocus Pocus, the movie! They offered a small and a large – with the small box having sample size products and the large box having full size products. The small box was $20 and the large box was $50 – all of the scents and product types were the same, but the large box also included a special item.


And here it is! A travel mug. 🙂


Good Zombie Aloe Me Body WhipChocolate-dipped candied applies, lightly rolled in marshmallow cream and drizzled with melted butterscotch.


This smells like an apple version of rice krispy treats! The apple top note is very fresh and vibrant, but the dry down is a gentle, sweet marshmallow scent. Their Aloe Me Body Whips are awesome because you get the best of both worlds – aloe and whipped cream! These are perfect for sunburns and dry skin. Gotta say that I love the neon green of the aloe. XD


Amok! Amok! Amok! Foaming Sugar ScrubCaramel corn, crunchy buttercream, and rich red apples


It almost looks like strawberry frosting. :p I’m not a huge fan of this scent, mostly because I only get the buttercream and caramel corn when I smell it. The red apple is unfortunately nowhere to be found. So if you love foodie scents, this one’s for you! However, their foaming sugar scrubs are a lot of fun to use and great for exfoliation.


Master Exfoliating Body WashGummy raspberries, candied pineapples, and wild watermelon, wrapped in fluffy cotton candy, and topped with delicate flow


And now this one looks like a strawberry smoothie. XD Master is basically the same scent as their Liquid Courage scent from last year’s Halloween box. The best way to describe this scent? Sweet and fruity! I haven’t tried their exfoliating body wash yet, but I love their regular body wash so I’m sure this will be awesome too.


Salem Deodorant A softness of sugary cotton candy with a touch of refreshing cucumber cantaloupe


This was so much sweeter than I thought it would be! I was hoping for a calm, relaxing cucumber melon scent, but this is like a candied cantaloupe on steroids. It is SO sugary. I feel like I’m going to get a cavity just smelling it. XD


Sistas OCD Hand SanitizerA light fruity blend of passion fruit, guava nectar, and pinkalicious bubblegum

This is a very subtle scent and it fades away a lot faster than other OCD hand sanitizer scents. It’s kind of like a very light version of tropical fruit punch. I think the dry down scent is mostly the guava and it’s pretty inoffensive so you can definitely use this in public without everyone smelling your hand sanitizer. XD


Oh, BOOOOOOK Fortune Cookie SoapBubblegum and black cherries


My fortune!

If you hold it far away (at arm’s length), it smells like cherry cola. But if you put it right up to your nose, it smells like cherry medicine. In fact, it smells exactly like this. So my advice is to hold it kind of near and smell it. XD It’s a pretty strong scent that may not be for everyone – especially if you hate cherry.


I Put A Smell On You Perfume OilCotton candy, sugar, and an alluring touch of dragon’s blood


Wax sealed.

This is supposed to be a dupe of their I Put A Hex On You scent, but I’ve never smelled that one so I can’t confirm it. Regardless, this is a heavier, muskier, darker scent. Whatever is in dragon’s blood has completely overpowered the cotton candy and sugar. XD You can smell a sweetness in this perfume oil. Just a hint. I’m not really sure how to describe this scent, but it kind of grows on you.


Bubble, Bubble, I’m In Trouble! Bath BombZest of sparkling limoncello and sour candy


The bath bomb is actually in a small plastic cauldron, so when you put it in your bath, it’ll bubble out like an actual witch’s brew! This smells exactly like Fin Noggin’ Dude from their summer 2016 collection, but zestier. It’s like lemon-lime candy. And I love the gold dusting on top.


And it wouldn’t be FCS if they didn’t include a little something extra!


The 2016 Halloween Box!

Overall enjoyment: I thought this was a fun box, but not all of the scents were for me because they were too sweet. XD My favorite is hands down Good Zombie for how fresh it smells in the jar and how sweet and mellow it is when it dries on your skin. But I do love the assortment of products so that everyone can try more of their items and maybe fall in love with them.


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