2016 Golden Tote Review – Surprise Totes!


Golden Tote
The Breakdown:
Cost: $59/month (2 items – you choose one)
or $149/month (5 items – you choose two)
or $89 (3 items – all surprises)
Clothes! Dresses, tops, jackets, cardigans, sweaters, and more.
Ships via USPS or UPS | Ships to the US


Earlier this month, Golden Tote offered a stylist session if you bought a surprise tote or their Golden Tote. A stylist session is when you actually get to FaceTime with a stylist to pick out the exact surprises you want! This was my first time trying this out and I highly recommend it to everyone. 😀

I requested a session with AR, who usually styles my totes and she is just so sweet, so patient, and so AWESOME. She had a rack of clothes picked out for me and we went through every single one of them and in the end, even though I had only bought one surprise tote, I added a second surprise tote because I couldn’t decide which ones not to keep. XD

I thought I had posted this, but I guess not… so here we go!


Potters Pot Suede Back Detail Top in Rust – Potters Pot is another one of my favorite brands! AR explained that she pulled a lot of pieces from the brands I had listed as favorites in my notes. 🙂 I love tunics/tunic-length tops and this one was perfect. Plus it has a naturally defined waist styling with how the top is designed, which was just what I needed!


And the best part is that the back has a beautiful suede detail. 😀 It’s just warm enough for me right now in CA!


Gilli Dress with Keyhole Neckline in Burgundy – I can never pass up a Gilli dress because they are now one of my favorite brands when it comes to dresses. 🙂 AR had several picked out for me (the funniest thing was when I told her that I had already bought one of them off the board here – which just goes to show how well she knows what I like!). I’d say this is a nice holiday/winter dress just for the color and the slightly scandalous (haha) neckline. 😉




Gilli Cold Shoulder Top in Navy – I really just can’t say no to Gilli. XD Also I kind of wanted to try the cold shoulder trend, but I’m not so sure about this one now that I’ve tried it on. Even though I do like the color/off-white dots, I don’t know if I’ll actually wear it a lot (like I would with the other items I picked out).


The back!


Lumiere Striped Brush Knit V-Neck Top – This ridiculously soft and cozy sweater in grey! 😀 I love this one so much because it’s the perfect sweater to wear at home when you just want to relax and be a couch potato. XD




Kalijati Dress with Pleated Skirt – This is the perfect little black dress for work because it’s NOT polyester if you can believe it! It’s so soft and stretchy and comfortable to wear. 😀 But the detail on the actual dress itself is what makes it a little more interesting than just a normal LBD.


Look at that extra detailing. 🙂


Chris and Carol Lace Detail Dress – When I saw the heathered navy, I couldn’t pass this one up. XD This is so much cuter in person! The lace detail is amazing for the right amount of feminine/boho (and I usually don’t even like lace, haha). Then I realized it has bell sleeves! SO AMAZING.


It’s definitely a little bigger/roomier – but it’s so soft and so comfortable. I like it better belted for a more defined waist.


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