Taste & Curiosity The Seoul Set Review + 15% off Promo Code!


Taste and Curiosity 
The Breakdown:
Cost: $19 a box or $49 for 3 boxes (+tax)
8 to 12 amazing snacks from around the world;
Each box is curated around a single country!
Ships via USPS | Ships to the US



What makes Taste and Curiosity different from other subscription companies?

  • Mission: Their mission is to encourage others to step outside of their comfort zones so they can make their dreams into reality… which brings us to the Bonus Magnet in Each Box: Each box includes a unique collectable magnet with an inspirational quote so that every trip to the fridge can remind people of their dreams.
  • Flexibility: Individual countries can be bought on demand without committing to any subscription. But if you really want a Monthly Subscription: A continuous monthly subscription will be added once they have more countries in their lineup!

First look at the Seoul Set!


This is a review for their Seoul/Korea box! You still pick it up from their shop. It’s actually on sale for $17. 😀 And if you use my promo code BoxesForDays15, you can take an additional 15% off!


Creamy Custard Cake – Very light and fluffy! Almost like a coarser angel food cake. 😀 The custard was more of a light, creamy filling and it really tied the entire thing together.


Butter Waffle Crisp – Just as the name describes. 😀 If you love eating waffle cones, you’ll love this too. Perfect for snacking alone or to pair with tea/coffee.


Choco Pie – I was hoping this would be included! They’re kind of addicting – because who doesn’t love chocolate, marshmallow, and cake? The cake itself is pretty crumbly so remember to grab a napkin! 😉


Ace Sand Yogurt Biscuit – This was so good! The biscuits are like a lighter version of ritz crackers and were a great complement to the sweetness of the yogurt filling. I could easily eat an entire box of these without even thinking about it, haha.


Couque D’asse in White Torte and Viennese Coffee – Oh these were good. So good. They were light but flavorful and tasted like a denser version of langues de chat/egg roll wafers


Margaret Choco Cookie – Tastes like the Choco Pie… just without the marshmallow!

Peach Water Jelly – I have never seen these before but they’re awesome! Kind of like the jelly version of yoplait go-gurt, aka perfect for on-the-go. There are actual big pieces of jelly inside and the peach flavor is great. This would be perfect to put in the fridge during the summer for a cold snack. 😀
Ottogi Ppshu Ppshu Ramen Snack – It’s a sweet and spicy kind of savory snack… aka one of my favorite kinds of savory snacks! It’s crunchy and not too salty and the spice pack they add in is perfect. You can decide how much you want to add before shaking things up within the bag to adjust it to your preferred level! This is definitely a fun snack when you want ramen but don’t have hot water. :p

Seasoned Seaweed – These are 100% better than kale chips. They’re slightly salty and very flavorful with the sesame oil. 😀 This pack was gone in the blink of an eye. What’s fun is if you bring this pack with you and a container of rice plus whatever else you like in sushi… and then make your own sushi at lunch!


Maxim Mocha Gold Coffee Mix – I’ve never been one to drink coffee so I’ll pass this along to my mom or brother. But this instant coffee gets pretty high ratings on Amazon!!


Overall enjoyment: Another awesome assortment of snacks – this time from Korea! I was really pleasantly surprised by the Ace Sand Yogurt Biscuit… it was my favorite item in the set. 😀 I think I’ll need to head to a local Korean supermarket and see if I can buy an entire box full of those biscuits.

If you’re interested in giving this box a try – and the best thing is, this box is available for purchase (!) and it’s currently on sale – then be sure to use BoxesForDays15 to get 15% off. How awesome is that? 🙂


*Disclosure: The above item was complimentary and received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. I only review things that are in line with my interests and wouldn’t subject you, my dear readers, to boring products or subscriptions.


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