January 2017 Eattiamo Subscription Box Review + 20% Off Promo Code!


The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $69/month
7 artisan products from small producers. Imported from Italy
Ships via USPS | Ships to the US


What is Eattiamo? Well, they actually include a separate pamphlet to help get to know them a little better. 🙂 Some of the highlights:

Each month, the box will contain the essential ingredients to put together a three course dinner. All of the products are sourced and imported from Italy, so you know you’re getting amazing quality food. And the best thing? If you end up falling in love with a product in your box, head on over to the online shop to buy more.


And now, onto the January box information.


The inside, which details the items in your box and how to use them.


And then the back!


They take their packaging very seriously and everything arrived in perfect condition. 🙂


Chocolate Taralli – I like to start with dessert first (the first thing I look at for any restaurant is their dessert menu) so I’ll start my review with a dessert item too. :p This takes on the texture/flavor of breadsticks (the hard kind, of course), but it’s even better because it tastes like chocolate! These are hardy biscuits and great for an afternoon snack.


Blueberries in Syrup – Continuing with the dessert course, we have these whole blueberries in light syrup. It’s quite healthy as the only ingredients are truly the three listed above: just blueberries, water, and cane sugar! I think these would be awesome on top of a slice of butter cake or vanilla ice cream. 😀


Another look.


Blue Blend Ground Coffee – Now as you all know, I don’t drink coffee… but my mom and brother do, so I’ll be passing this onto them! This is a huge container full of ground coffee from Mogi Caffe… and is described as “Blue Blend is a full-bodied and creamy coffee with intense aromas, harmonious flavor and a low level of caffeine”.

Low level of caffeine? Maybe I will have to try this after all! 😀 I’m pretty sensitive to caffeine, so maybe this is a good introduction to coffee.

dsc_0839 dsc_0837

Mushroom Spread with Capers and Sundried Tomatoes – This would be one of my brother’s worst nightmares because he hates mushrooms. XD Luckily for me, I love mushrooms and this spread looks like it would be amazing on top of bruschetta! It is so full of flavor and honestly this would be really good mixed with a fresh pasta.


Taggiasca Olives in Brine – I used to really hate olives, but now I’m starting to enjoy them more and more as I get older. I still don’t like the ones that are super salty, but I definitely need to try these. The information pamphlet described them as “considered black gold, Taggiasca is a rare olive, considered one of the most refined and precious olive varieties in the world”. How can you not want to try one after that introduction?


I think these would be great on a charcuterie board or in a salad.

The information pamphlet actually suggested to dice these up and combine them with the mushroom spread to make a savory muffin! 😀


Organic Spirali Pasta – Look at this bag of beautiful, organic pasta! I am so excited to eat this. *_____* Would it be terrible if I just ate it with some butter and parmesan? Because I love butter pasta, haha. I think I might just have to… and of course, I’ll be enjoying it with the next item as well. 😉


Contadina Con Verdure Sauce – This looks SO GOOD. This tomato sauce is “enriched with carrots, bell peppers, and basil”. The pamphlet suggests that you sauté some chopped onions in olive oil and then add this sauce in, mixing well, before enjoying it with the spirali pasta!


Look at that color. *____*


The January Eattiamo box!

Overall enjoyment: I love, love, love how everything is imported from Italy and how everything is made with quality ingredients. This box is just amazing in its curation and recipe suggestions. You can literally create a three course meal with the items they send out. Can you imagine putting together an entire dinner with all of the delicious items in this box? It would be an authentic Italian feast!

If you’re interested in giving Eattamo a try, be sure to use the code DISCOVER to get 20% off. 🙂



*Disclosure: The above item was complimentary and received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. I only review things that are in line with my interests and wouldn’t subject you, my dear readers, to boring products or subscriptions.


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