Rachel Zoe Box of Style Winter 2016 Review


The Zoe Report – Box of Style
The Breakdown:
Cost: $100/quarter or $350 for an annual subscription
Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Items
When: Ships in March, July, September, December
Ships via FedEx

So this is a long overdue review… XD Please excuse the lateness and the blurry photos. I took these a while ago (when I received the box) but never got around to making a post/review for it as the holidays and then work took over my life. (also, this box was white, but I guess the black background and the lighting somehow turned it into a grey box??)


I was really surprised to see this in my box when I opened it… and was then super excited because this is probably my favorite box right now (other than Avenue A by Adidas) and their items are always on point.


Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcake Mix – So this was the extra gift they included! I love Sprinkles and I love baking so this was amazing for me. *____* It’s little things like this that keep long-time subscribers!

And now… onto the actual items. πŸ™‚ I have no idea why I didn’t realize how terrible the majority of these photos are (unfocused, blurry, weird lighting) when I took them, so please bear with me. XD


D.L. & Co. Birch Candle ($50) – This was an exclusive for Rachel Zoe subscribers only! Β The scent was described as “amber and birchwood accented with fragrant oak, cedar, and vanilla musk”.


Definitely exclusive. πŸ™‚


It has a clear base, which makes it an awesome piece to display!


Not quite sold on the scent – too much cedar for me, I think. XD


Sunday Riley Tidal Enzyme Brightening Water Cream ($65) – This is probably favorite item in the box! This moisturizer/cream is so lightweight but so hydrating. It absorbs quite quickly so you can apply it as a day cream or as a night cream… or both!


Full size is always amazing.


It smells so good too! Like cucumber water. πŸ˜€ I’ve been using it (almost) every night since I got this and I still have so much left.


Dagne Dover Leather Card Case ($50) – Another exclusive item just for this box. πŸ˜€ I do believe you can buy this leather card case on their website in other colors, but the color included here is exclusive to the Rachel Zoe box.


I LOVE NAVY BLUE. So of course I love this. πŸ˜€ (excuse the blurry photo)


It came with a 25% off code (expires December 2017) and it has a slot in the back.


And two slots inside! It’s all leather and it’s AMAZING.


Clinique Lip Color + Primer in Berry Pop ($18.50) – Sadly, I am not a fan of Clinique lip products because they all taste so artificial/like grandma’s makeup (if you know what I mean).


However, this shade is perfect for those who love a wine/darker red lipstick.


Definitely perfect for the holiday parties!


Soia & Kyo Olivia Cable Knit Hat ($50) – Subscribers were allowed to choose their color (you could have chosen from black, white, or magenta). So of course I went with black! πŸ˜€ I love wearing black and since I have dark brown hair, this for me was the best color. It’s so soft and stretchy; so even if you have a bigger head, this will fit!


And now onto the hero item!


Dylanlex Zoey Necklace ($200) – This was a custom piece for Box of Style and it is absolutely gorgeous. It’sΒ 13 inches long from one end to the other and has a 3.5 inch adjustable clasp. You can wear this as a choker (which is totally on trend right now)!


Look at those details.


I don’t usually do statement necklaces, but I definitely made an exception for this one because it just looks so amazing when you wear a solid color top or dress and then put it on.


The spotlight product this quarter was sponsored by Juicy Couture Fragrances!


Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Perfume Mini (5 ml, $7.40) – YESSSSS. I love this scent. It is so similar to Harvey Prince’s Hello, which is probably one of my all-time favorite perfumes ever. Seriously though, you guys. This is so, so nice.


And the best part is, they sent a mini instead of a spray sample. πŸ˜€


Overall value: $440.90

Overall enjoyment: I actually really loved this box! The only misses for me were the clinique lipstick and the birch scented candle – but those were more due to personal preference as I do usually love lipsticks and candles! I just want to say I really appreciate Box of Style for being so gracious to their long time subscribers and including a sweet treat. πŸ˜€



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