September 2017 Postmark’d Studio Postbox Review + 10% & Free Shipping Code!


Postmark’d Studio
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $25/month + $5.95 shipping
Limited edition, hand-crafted, artisan cards
Ships via USPS | Ships to the US


The September 2017 Postmark’d box!


So what is Postmark’d Studio?

Postmark’d Studio is a BRAND NEW stationery and gift boutique delivering monthly subscription boxes that are a curated collection of paper products for paper connoisseurs. They were founded in January of 2017 and launched their website in June 2017.

From their website: “Each PostBox subscription comes with a monthly delivery of four handcrafted artisanal cards, one postcard, postage and an artsy doodad such as a pen, pencil or knick knack. Each box is crafted, curated and packaged thematically with the creative finds you’ll use to show you care. Postmark’d Studio provides a beautiful, simple way to connect with the ones you love. We believe one small gesture makes all the difference.”

They have two boxes – Postmark’d Box (a lifestyle-geared box that goes for $50 + $7.95 shipping) and also PostBox ($25 + $5.95 shipping). This is a review for the PostBox!


The theme for the September box is Old School and they have such a lovely idea here on the back of the information card where you can send letters to the elderly. 🙂


Everything packaged together beautifully!


So far, they’ve sent out a Postmark’d Studio pencil every month!


Gotta say I love the silver.


Of course, here’s the usual bunch of unique stamps, so that your postcards and cards are ready to be sent out. 😀


I think my favorite out of these is the solar eclipse one. XD These are Forever Stamps so they won’t lose their value over time.


They’ve also sent out a Postmark’d Studio Postcard every month too!


The back of the postcard.


Library Cards, set of 50 ($8.00) – This set of library cards are made by Frankie & Claude and they are ADORABLE. I still remember going to my elementary school library and checking out books and writing my name in these and getting the date stamped. It was honestly so cool.


The library cards came in red, yellow, green, blue and white. Seriously awesome inclusion to go along with the old school theme!


The Original Laptop Postcard by afavoritedesign ($3.50) – I have to say, I love typewriters. There’s just something really cool about the sounds they make when you type, the finality of the ink being pressed into the papers, the way the machine moves the paper when you finish a line.


The font of this postcard really lends itself to old school too. But what I love the most is the quality of the paper itself and how the design feels like it has been embossed.


Computer Calendar Card by Blackbird Letterpress ($6.00) – This is so cool; it’s basically a mini rip-off-as-you-go calendar for 2018! You can even hang it on your wall if you want.


Also love the old school computer. XD


With its envelope, in case you wanted to send it to a friend instead of keeping it for yourself. 😉


Hello Interactive Telephone Card  by Warren Tales ($5) – This is a two-in-one card! You can send it to someone and they can rip off the other half to send it back to you (or someone else, haha) as a postcard. XD


You write on the right side and your friend would tear off the left side.


The back.


It came with this beautiful light teal envelope.


Pink Pearl Eraser Card by Nicole Ray of Sloe Gin Fizz ($4.00) – I’m sure almost everyone has had or has seen the iconic pink pearl eraser while at school! This is definitely a throwback for me. XD


The back.


With the brown paper envelope.


And the Postmark’d box wouldn’t be complete without a really awesome extra! And this month, we have a black gingham pencil case… with pencils and a pink pearl eraser!


And all of the pencils are already sharpened and ready to use. XD


Overall enjoyment: This old school box had me feeling all sorts of nostalgia! I loved the extras so much this month; the library cards were amazing and the pencil case with pencils and eraser was such a welcome surprise! The quality of the postcards and cards always impress me and the curation of this box is honestly top notch. They definitely deliver on their theme!

If you’re interested in trying out Postmark’d, then be sure to use BFDFreeship to get free shipping + 10% off on the 3-month PostBox Subscription Plan! This promo is good from now until 10/30/2017!


*Disclosure: The above item was complimentary and received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. I only review things that are in line with my interests and wouldn’t subject you, my dear readers, to boring products or subscriptions.

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