September 2017 DegustaBox Review + $10 Off Code!


The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $19.99/month
10-15 full size food products!
Ships via USPS
Ships to the US, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, UK


So what is DegustaBox?

“You will receive a variety of exciting food products, the items in the box will be a surprise but we can say one thing, you will always find something new and delicious!”

And if you’re in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, or the UK – you can also get DegustaBox delivered to you! The contents will be different in each area, but the items will all be awesome.


The September info sheet!


And on the back, they’ve included a recipe for tomato and basil soup that you can make with the Mutti Tomato Puree that is in your box.


Other coupons and info sheets included – Goya, Wild Planet and Natural Sins.


Sunrype Fruit to Go in Apple Strawberry Watermelon and Apple Wildberry ($0.50 each) – I love these! They’re just sweet enough not to feel too healthy. 😉 It reminds me of the fruit leather that I had as a kid and be warned… these are sticky!


Reese On The Go Mango Quinoa Medley ($3.99) – This looked a little unappetizing at first, I must admit (see photo below). However, it doesn’t taste terrible at all. The consistency is a little thicker than you might expect and the flavor is pretty decent! If you’re looking for a healthy dessert, I think this is definitely one you can enjoy. 🙂


Gooey, hehehe.


Angelic Bakehouse Bread Crisps ($4.00) – These are sprouted from grain bread and so easy to eat. XD You can eat them straight from the bag (which is what I’ve been doing) or if you feel like getting a little fancier, you can use these as the perfect vessels for your hors d’oeuvres and top them with anything you want.




King Arthur Flour Lemon Bar Mix ($4.95) – This is awesome! A perfect last summer treat before we all overindulge in pumpkin. The cookie mix from a few months ago (?) was great so I’m definitely looking forward to making these for my family and friends.


Lee Kum Kee Korean BBQ Stir-Fry ($3.49) – This is great for people who have busy schedules because you can literally just prep the ingredients and then dump this sauce over it to cook in, haha. Also it saves fridge space because usually you’d need more than just a few bottles and spices to make sauces.


Wild Planet Albacore Wild Tuna ($4.99) – I love canned tuna for tuna sandwiches and I’m excited to try this because I really enjoyed the roasted chicken breast from Wild Planet that DegustaBox had sent out previously. 😀


One tip from DegustaBox is to NOT drain the juices in the can because they contain amazing flavor and nutrition!


Natural Sins Crispy Coconut Chips ($1.99) – I’ll never say no to coconut chips! They’re great by themselves, to add into your home made granola, or just to top off your bowl of cereal (or yogurt). These were crisp and full of that rich, nutty flavor.


Goya Rice Pilaf ($1.99) – Not a huge fan of rice pilafs in general, but this sounds pretty good with the orzo, onion, and garlic. I’ll definitely have to try this one out and see if I like it. XD


It definitely looks easy enough to cook!


Mutti Tomato Puree ($4.49) – A very healthy portion of tomato puree that looks 100 times healthier than the tomato puree you find in cans. Maybe I’ll use this to make some pizza sauce or that tomato basil soup from this month’s info sheet.


Post Shredded Wheat in Berry Flavor ($3.49) – The box almost didn’t make it (haha), but the contents are definitely safe! I’m currently working my way through a box of Crispix (my favorite cereal) but I’ll be trying these next. They have a filled berry center too for extra flavor. 😀


Overall value: $34.38

Overall enjoyment: I’d say this is a pretty balanced box between snacks and things to make! I personally am most excited for the lemon bar mix because King Arthur flour is great for baking and their mixes are awesome.

Coupon Code: Use DEGUSTA10 to take $10 off your first box, making it just $9.99!



*Disclosure: The above item was complimentary and received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. I only review things that are in line with my interests and wouldn’t subject you, my dear readers, to boring products or subscriptions.

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