February 2018 Postmark’d Studio Postbox Review


Postmark’d Studio
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $25/month + $5.95 shipping
Limited edition, hand-crafted, artisan cards
Ships via USPS | Ships to the US


It’s always so special to see a wax seal.


A small hand-written note…


…with an adorable hand-drawn illustration for Valentine’s Day!


The February 2018 information card.


Their packaging is always on-point.


This month’s “ribbon” is adorable. :3


Every month you’ll get a Postmark’d Studio Postcard and a Postmark’d Studio pencil too.


And of course, the packet of stamps!


These Forever stamps are definitely giving off a spring vibe… and of course, flowers for Valentine’s Day!


Chocolate Hot Tub Postcard – This is absolutely adorable! And honestly, that girl is me, hahaha. Taking a dip in a huge pot full of chocolate after a long day at work. XD


On the back, in the top corner, is a pair of hearts.


Chocolate Lab with Heart ($4.50) – Awww, this is so cute. :3 Continuing with the chocolate theme, we have a chocolate lab! I love the indent with the heart; it really adds an extra dimension to the card.


So cute that I had to add a more zoomed in photo of the design!


Chocolate Is Salad Greeting Card ($5.00) – This applies to me 100% and is definitely logic I would use against those who think otherwise. 😉 (although I do love a well-executed salad too). Two things I like about this card in particular are: the simplicity and the added flecks of color.


Chocolate ($5.50) – Did anyone else start humming Moulin Rouge? The card starts off sweet…


…and gets even sweeter inside when you see the super cute illustration of chocolates! Also, I love the bright red envelope it comes in. 🙂


Golden Ticket Scratch Off Card ($5.00) – This has got to be the coolest card I’ve ever seen! Simply write your message in the space provided and cover it with the sticker. Then you scratch off the sticker with a penny and that will reveal your surprise handwritten message!




This would be a cute way to do a marriage proposal… 😉


The best part of the chocolate theme is that they included chocolate – a very nice bar of chocolate indeed! 😀 This is Divine’s Dark Chocolate with Pink Himalayan Salt.


And a brown Stabilo pen (more chocolate!) with a cute patchwork heart.


A super adorable sheet of metal and 7 magnetic hearts! You can hang this up and then use the hearts to stick on notes or pictures. Or you can take the hearts off and just use them on your fridge. 🙂


The February Postmark’d Box!

Overall enjoyment: I can’t stop obsessing over that golden ticket card. XD The design is so fun and creative and it allows you to make it your own. I thought this month’s box was wonderfully curated with all of its chocolate themed cards and items!


*Disclosure: The above item was complimentary and received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. I only review things that are in line with my interests and wouldn’t subject you, my dear readers, to boring products or subscriptions.


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