August 2018 Kid Wonder Review


Kid Wonder
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $24.95/month + $5 shipping (US)
5 different themed activities for you and your child to enjoy together!
Ships via USPS
Ships to the US, Canada, and UK


So what is Kid Wonder?

“Kid Wonder is committed to offering families with children an affordable, meaningful and fun way to take a break from screen time, by offering a monthly subscription box that is carefully and thoughtfully curated. The themes and concepts are approved by an advisory board of parents, grandparents, care providers, and educators interested in encouraging play-based learning, and quality family time.   Childhood is such a short and precious time. We at Kid Wonder believe that children should be allowed to be themselves; bold, curious, and actively engaged in learning while having fun! By appealing to creative kids everywhere and providing convenience for busy parents, Kid Wonder sends families a box full of imagination each month!”

Right now this box (Little Dreamers) is targeted for 3-6 year olds, but they are planning to come out with boxes for 5-8 year olds (Big Adventurers) and 7-10 year olds (Junior Explorers).


The August theme is Pirates and Mermaids!


5 different activities with varying levels of difficulty, messiness, and time needed. Each activity comes with clear instructions and it’s easy for you to follow step by step!


The first activity: Dress like a Pirate!


Not only are there hands-on activities to enjoy, there are also additional quick activities to do – like learning what your pirate name will be and some pirate jargon.


The first activity pack had three things to do: make Polly the Parrot, decorate a pirate’s hat, and then the eye patch too.


Of course, everything is included! Including an apron to protect your kid’s clothes and a small placemat to keep the table clean.


Since I don’t have any kids, I did all of the activities myself. XD I started off by painting Polly and set it aside to dry while I continued on with decorating the pirate’s hat and eye patch.


Eye patch.


Pirate’s hat.

Foam stickers were included and so were feathers, so you could decorate to your heart’s content. (I put capi because it’s a shortened (almost an endearing) version of the Spanish word for captain, capitan).


And then Polly. The pipe cleaner is not actually supposed to be her legs, but rather, a “wrist band” so that Polly can join in on the adventure.

The only critique here is that the red felt belly was too long compared to their diagram, so it looks like the beak is in the belly. (I could have trimmed it before I put it on the tube, but thought I should just put it on as is).


Activity one, completed!


Activity two: An Arrr-Mazing Show!


This one was probably the easiest to do.


Here, you just have to make your mermaid, pirate, and their puppet stage.


The supplies.


Setting up the stage.


Then the mermaid and pirate. (I thought this was pretty cute!)


And here they are, on the big stage.


A second mini activity was this sink the ship game, where you could use a straw as a cannon to shoot the fuzzy cannonballs onto the ship.


Activity three: Treasure Hunt!


Actually, this one was pretty straightforward for me since I wasn’t going to hide anything for the treasure hunt. XD But I think it’s a fun treasure hunt for parents to enjoy with their kids.


First, you have to “train” like a pirate… and only then you can go hunt for treasure.


The training card with how you can demonstrate your pirate-worthiness.


And once you have, you get a certificate to evidence your accomplishment.


Parents are definitely needed for this activity because they’re the ones who have to hide the clues and the treasure.


Here’s the loot!


The side activity for this pack was a small board game!


Fourth activity: Pirate’s Booty Slime.


For this one, you get to make slime!!


How to make it. 😀


And some safety instructions before you start.


Your supplies.


This gold was amazingly beautiful.


The process.


Mixing it…


…and I think I might have been a little too impatient because mine turned out more like slime spaghetti. XD


Hahaha, look at this. XD


In the end, you put your slime into a plastic baggie with some gold coins. I left it in the baggie overnight and some of the detergent separated from the slime and the slime congealed together better. So maybe that’s the trick to doing this correctly.


The side activity for this pack was learning how to write pirate and mermaid-related words and also looking for the letter m (and also p, on the back side).


Activity five: Design a pirate ship!


This one definitely took the longest, mostly because you have to wait for glue to dry and you have to cut out the sails of the ship.


Instructions (they also included a Youtube link if you wanted to watch someone construct it).


The supplies.


The sails were somehow annoying to cut out. XD I think it was because the safety scissors included weren’t very sharp (for good reason). Next time, I’ll probably just use my own scissors to save time.


Pro-tip: use the dice included from one of the earlier side activities to help you keep the bow up long enough for the glue to dry.


Waiting for the glue to dry…


…and the final product! I would actually recommend using the leftover foam stickers to decorate this ship for some more flair.


The last side activity! Lots of fun pirate things to learn.


In addition to the five main activity packs and their side activities, a fun workbook is also included.


And a sneak peek into next month’s theme!

Overall enjoyment: I thought this was such a cute box packed with an amazing amount of fun and information! I know kids would really love all of the hands on activities because as a kid, I loved building things with my hands and doing things for myself. (and as an adult, I still loved going through all of the activity packs and building things!) This is a great box if you want to spend more time with your kids without necessarily having to go outdoors.


*Disclosure: The above item was complimentary and received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. I only review things that are in line with my interests and wouldn’t subject you, my dear readers, to boring products or subscriptions.

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