September 2018 DegustaBox Review


The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $19.99/month
10-15 full size food products!
Ships via USPS
Ships to the US, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, UK


So what is DegustaBox?

“You will receive a variety of exciting food products, the items in the box will be a surprise but we can say one thing, you will always find something new and delicious!”

And if you’re in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, or the UK – you can also get DegustaBox delivered to you! The contents will be different in each area, but the items will all be awesome.


The September information sheet!


The Better Chip in Jalapeno & Cilantro ($3.99) – This is gluten free and packed with flavor! They really weren’t kidding when they said it had jalapeno. XD I actually found it spicier than expected. These chips taste fantastic and definitely fill you up.


Hippeas in Vegan White Cheddar and Happenin’ Hickory ($1.49 each) – I have had these chickpea puffs in the white cheddar before (they’re good!) but had never tried the Happenin’ Hickory flavor… and wow, they’re addicting. XD I thought the BBQ flavor was a little lacking at first, but it builds and it’s honestly so good. I definitely need to snag a bag of the Happenin’ Hickory for myself the next time I’m at Whole Foods.


GoCo Crunchy Coconut Bites with Roasted Chia Seed ($2.99) – I was intrigued by this but found that these were a little too dry for my liking. However, the coconut flavor is definitely there and if you’re hungry, these do well in a pinch. I didn’t feel like the chia seeds added much of anything here because the coconut flakes were already crunchy themselves.


Idahoan Foods Classic Mashed Potatoes and Four Cheese Mashed Potatoes ($1.39 each) – I’ve never made mashed potatoes from a packet before. XD (mostly because homemade mashed potatoes are pretty easy to manage and we don’t really make it unless it’s Thanksgiving) But I am interested to see how these will taste – especially the four cheese one.


Marion’s Kitchen Kung Pao Kit ($6.99) – If you don’t want to buy all of the spices and sauces, you can just go for one of these handy things. All you need to add is the meat and the veggies and you’re good to go! You could have received this one or a General Tso kit.


Bauducco Chocolate Wafers  ($2.50) – I never say no to wafers and it’s awesome to see a new brand in DegustaBox! I’m going to save these for a little later because I just recently bought some pumpkin-flavored treats from Trader Joe’s and are slowly making my way through those. XD


PB Crave in Sweet & Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ($1.10 per packet) – the dark chocolate + PB = kind of like a healthy reese’s cups, which was delicious! However, the chocolate chip cookie dough one tasted too artificial in my opinion – but the peanut flavor was pretty prominent in both!


Tigertail Mustard ($1.00) – While I don’t love mustard, I can’t deny how convenient this is! If you love mustard, this is perfect to take on the go without having to commit to a huge bottle of it. XD


The Chia Company Chia Shots ($0.99 each) – These are going to be fun! I’m definitely adding these into my yogurt for some extra texture and nutrients. (I might just save one pack to make a single serve of chia pudding with coconut milk because that stuff is delicious).


SunRype Fruit to Go Apple Strawberry Fruit Strip ($0.50 each) – I LOVE THESE. I’m pretty sure it was DegustaBox who introduced these first to me and honestly, I love it when they make a reappearance. These are the healthier version of fruit by the fruit. But be careful, they’re very sticky!


Mighty Spark Food Co. Chicken Snack Stick in Honey Jalapeno and Cranberry Ginger ($1.50 per stick) – I thought I had found my favorite jerky with perky jerky, but I think I may like these even more.

The honey jalapeno – amazing! It was so flavorful and so moist (not dry at all).
The cranberry ginger was just as moist and soft; the best part was the fact that there were real cranberries in it! But the ginger was too strong for my liking because there are also little pieces of ginger in there too. XD
So if I had to choose, I would definitely go for the honey jalapeno.

Handfulls Crrunch Bites BBQ Almonds ($4.99) – I love almonds as a snack and I love things that are BBQ flavored but this one fell flat for me. I didn’t like the weird rice cracker shell that was around the almond; it tasted… weird? I don’t know, haha. I would have preferred plain almonds with BBQ flavor instead.


Garden of Life Gol Bar in Chocolate Sea Salt ($2.49) – I have not seen this protein bar before! But I’m always interested in trying new ones to see which one tastes the least like a protein bar. XD I’ve added this to my “afternoon snacks to eat” list and will be bringing this with me to the office so I’ll have something to keep me going since we’re working later hours these days.


Marquis Citrus Yuzu ($2.89) – I wish I liked artificial sweeteners, but alas, I will have to pass this onto someone else. XD This energy drink sounds really good though; it’s energized by organic yerba mate, green tea, and green coffee beans – plus, citrus yuzu seems very promising!


The September 2018 DegustaBox!

Overall enjoyment: I can’t believe the amount of snacks that they’ve managed to pack into this month’s box! I think my favorite things were the Mighty Spark Food Co. chicken sticks, the SunRype fruit strips, and the hickory Hippeas. 😀


*Disclosure: The above item was complimentary and received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. I only review things that are in line with my interests and wouldn’t subject you, my dear readers, to boring products or subscriptions.

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