October 2018 Degusta Box Review


Degusta Box
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $19.99/month
10-15 full size food products!
Ships via USPS
Ships to the US, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, UK


So what is Degusta Box?

“You will receive a variety of exciting food products, the items in the box will be a surprise but we can say one thing, you will always find something new and delicious!”

And if you’re in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, or the UK – you can also get Degusta Box delivered to you! The contents will be different in each area, but the items will all be awesome.


The October information sheet!


Pirate’s Booty ($5.46 for a Halloween 12 pack) – I think this Halloween design is awesome and of course, I can never say no to Pirate’s Booty. They’re somehow fluffy and crunchy at the same time, if that makes sense. The cheddar flavor slowly builds and they’re a mostly guilt-free snack that I enjoy.


Idahoan Foods Creamy Potato Soup ($2.99) – Ohhh, I still haven’t tried the mashed potatoes from last month. XD But the weather grows colder, I begin to crave more soup (especially hearty ones!) and comfort foods… so I’m sure to try out these products from Idahoan Foods.

Bush’s Best Crisp Roasted Chickpeas in Sriracha Lime ($3.99) – You could have received one of many flavors and I got Sriracha Lime; I love chickpeas in pretty much all forms and roasted chickpeas make for a great savory snack. Full of crunch and protein and you can add it to pretty much any salad or just eat it straight out of the bag.

Welch’s Superfruit Fruit Snacks ($2.99) – I’m excited about this one! I’ve always liked Welch’s fruit snacks and now they’ve come out with brand new flavors: Pomegranate-Passionfruit, Starfruit-Kiwi, Dragonfruit-Blackberry, Acai-Blueberry, and Goji-Apricot.

Sixlets ($1.00 each) – I do believe Sixlets are from Canada! The original one is the chocolate candies, but the fruit-flavored ones look pretty cool with their metallic sheen on the outside (edible glitter!). I opened the fruit ones to try first and they’re like a less chewier version of mini chewy sweetarts from Wonka.


Bahlsen Waffeletten Milk ($3.49) – Holy crap. These are like CRACK. I think I accidentally ate at least 1/3 of the package without stopping because they are that good. I need to see if I can find these locally somehow. I definitely need more after I finish off this package! The waffle roll is so crisp and so light while the milk chocolate is perfectly smooth and creamy. 10 out of 10 for this. 😀


Sunspire Peanut Butter Chips ($7.99) – I love baking but have yet to bake with peanut butter chips. XD These would go great as a peanut butter chip and chocolate chip cookie! Or if you just want some portable peanut butter to snack on. :p


Brown & Haley Sea Salt Caramel Roca Buttercrunch ($2.99) – I don’t know why but I’ve never really like these? I guess it’s because I’ve never really been a fan of toffee (or stuff like peanut brittle). However, I will say I like these more than the original Almond Roca. XD

Tastykake Chocolate Junior and Peanut Butter Kandykakes ($1.79 each) – I’ve never had Tastykake before because I’ve always grouped it in the “hostess” and “little debbie’s” category of food, but now that it’s at my doorstep… I tried it. XD The Chocolate Junior is basically chocolate frosting with yellow cake. The chocolate frosting is like store-bought frosting right out of the can and the yellow cake is a little artificial, but not bad. The Peanut Butter Kandykakes are like peanut butter cups in cake form. Also not bad, but definitely not worth the sugar content and calories.

Garoto Caribe ($0.80) – I have seen a lot of candy bars before in my life, but I have never seen this one before. This is a Brazilian chocolate bar with a banana filling and I’m taking this to work with me as a much-needed pick-me-up.


The October 2018 Degusta Box!

Overall enjoyment: Those waffelettens are my new favorite thing! I definitely need to go track them down at a local grocery store because they are honestly that good. I can’t wait to work my way through those pirate’s booty snack packs and those Welch’s fruit snacks too! It was interesting to try some different things (Tastykake, Sixlets, etc) because I never would have bought them on my own but now I can say I’ve had them. :p


*Disclosure: The above item was complimentary and received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. I only review things that are in line with my interests and wouldn’t subject you, my dear readers, to boring products or subscriptions.


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