December 2018 My Paper Box Grand Subscription Review


My Paper Box
The Breakdown:
Cost: $28/month for the Grand Subscription
Cost: $10/month for the Mini Subscription
Grand Subscription – Tons of personalized stationary
Mini Subscription – 3 personalized notepads
Ships via USPS to the US (free shipping)


So what is My Paper Box?

“My Paper Box is a Monthly Personalized Stationery Subscription Box. With our Mini Subscription you will receive 3 personalized notepads every month, with our Grand Subscription you will receive your own Personalized Paper Box including personalized notepads, cards, planners & more. Each month there will be a new theme.”


“Boxes can include such things as Notecards, Envelopes, Greeting Cards, Thank You Cards, Notepads, Monthly Calendar, Posters, Stickers, Magnets, Planners, Jotter Cards & more surprises!”


Affirmation Stickers – When you open up the box, the first thing you see (after the beautiful purple wrapping paper) are three stickers with positive statements you can put on your laptop, your notebook, your planner… just so you can remind yourself that you’re awesome from time to time. Or you can hand these out to other people so that they know they’re awesome too.


“Just a note” Notepad – This is definitely something you can use every day, throughout the year! I actually need one of these at my desk because I’m always trying to find some scratch paper to use in order to jot down things or just write it out to see since I’m a visual person. The black beam at the bottom actually reminds me of my firm’s logo, so it’s kind of funny. XD


Gift Tags – These are so cute! And the best thing is you don’t have to use them during the holidays – you can easily use these for birthdays, anniversaries, and other gift-giving events. This was a pack of six different designs and half of these have your name on it, so technically you can share three with other people too. My favorite one is a toss up between the “HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY” and the “I hate presents said no one ever”.


And the back of each one!


December Planner – This is a small spiral bound notepad that’ll be easy to bring along with you. For someone like me who likes structure and planning out everything… this is fantastic.


You have a “to do” section at the top to highlight the important things and then “notes” section, a “checklist” section, and then the whole day blocked out by the hour on the right side. This is honestly super helpful because I’m always making checklists and writing down notes for work… and so this will go a long way for my December.


Snowflake Notepad – This is getting me into the holiday mood! The phrase at the top says “Iris, be as unique as a snowflake: embrace all your dimensions”. I’m that annoying person who’s already blasting Christmas music on November 1 so I’m always here for anything Christmas/holiday-related. XD


December Calendar – Similar to November, they’ve included a single month desk calendar. But this time it’s double-sided so if you put this down somewhere open, anyone will be able to see the dates.


Standing up.


Thank You Cards – I thought this would be a boring, one design set of thank you cards… but boy was I wrong.


There are ten cards in this set and each one is different! They’re blank on the inside so you can really write to your heart’s content and really, all of them can be used year-round (maybe not the reindeer one, but honestly who can be upset at a reindeer thank you card?) But OH MY GOD the penguin one had me DYING. IT IS ADORABLE. They remind me of Gunter from Adventure Time. :3 See below for all of the designs!


Thank u, next was what was going through my mind as I looked at each of these, because I currently have that song on repeat. XD


And each one comes with its own plain envelope, of course.


Holiday Cards – This is another troll and adorable set of holiday cards, including New Year’s too! I love the snark on some of these and also the sincere wishes too; a great assortment to send to your friends and your family, haha. Is it any surprise that my favorite one is the penguin one yet again? That one is literally the most troll of all the ones.


All the designs!


And each one has your name signed inside already.

DSC_0225.jpg DSC_0222DSC_0223DSC_0226 DSC_0241DSC_0243DSC_0244DSC_0246DSC_0248DSC_0249DSC_0250

And each one comes with its own envelope as well; but this time it has your name and address printed on the back (I removed the address here) so you can easily send it out.


The December 2018 Grand Subscription for My Paper Box!

Overall enjoyment: I think this month is a huge improvement over November. There are so many cards and so many designs… and the best part is that the majority of the cards can be used year round! I love the cheeky designs and the cute designs, but most of all, I love that there is just so many options to choose from.

*Disclosure: The above item was complimentary and received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. I only review things that are in line with my interests and wouldn’t subject you, my dear readers, to boring products or subscriptions.

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